The General News Thread


Ahh i haven’t seen that one. Is it scary?




Scum paper, Who the fuck cares what shirt he had on.

Arsenal need to ban these cunts from London Colney and The Emirates.


Great work by The Sun to be honest, I didn’t think they could sink much lower but they’ve found a way and proved me wrong. Bravo.

I guess after Liverpool and Everton, and what with Corbyn being an Arsenal fan, we’re next on their hit list.


It annoys me that people think it is acceptable to buy and read the sun lol.


Wow! A new low for them! :gabriel:


Daily Fail… ‘Arsenal Jihadi’ :facepalm:


Bet it was a knock off shirt though. Finally, the link is proven.


Fucking Wenger supporting terrorism :hipster:


Moderate Arsenal fans have to come out and condemn this terror carried out by their extremists


All the raids that have been going on in Dagenham, about 5 - 10mins from where my mum lives :frowning:

Way to close to home for my liking!

Massive respect for the police and armed response units on saturday, To have everything under control after 8 mins of the first call is impressive. Could of been so much worse

Fair play to the public as well who were trying to stop these sick fucks. I have no idea how id react if i was in that situation


Unlikely since 1 in 4 moderate Arsenal fans are actually terrorist sympathisers according to The Sun.


Do people really read the Sun?
You mean look at the pictures and words and try and make it all fit together.
Most people who read it can’t do it without moving their lips.

It’s owned by one of the most odious control freaks imaginable, who also controls vast amounts of the media in this country and America.

Like the Mail, it is just full of right wing propaganda, with minor celebrity news thrown in.



Can but try…


Paris…gunshots notre dame
He tried the 21 ft rule with an hammer.


What a few pints can do :rofl:


Terrorist attack taking place in Tehran atm. At least 7 dead. Wonder if Trump is gonna say something about it.


Probably sectarian violence. sunni attacking majority shi-ites Iran.


Yeah, for sure.