The Funny Picture/WTF Thread


She does have braces, I think some porn stars specifically cultivate that look to appeal to a sexual niche within the porn industry


Fair enough. :slight_smile:


Isn’t that the right age to do porn anyway?



Weird and disturbing picture, tbf.


I think I can name the exact porn the picture is from lol


Pretty sure her name is Perri Piper right?


Gotta be her. She can fit in my pocket.


Just asking… I thought you’d know.


This is really weird man. :joy:


Shit… I think I just got the joke. (if it is one) :facepalm: Facepalm on me.


Was wondering what happened to Liverpool to have 22 new posts in their thread… :thinking:

Don’t really get the picture or the outrage about it lol


Wow so pure, i envy you calum.


What’s not to get about Liverpool getting gangbanged in the new year? Haha


My mind jumped to sex-related words people tend to use when describing one football team completely humiliating another football team. This ranged from ‘bukakke’ (gross, but sure maybe it’s your thing), to ‘rape’ (evil). ‘Gangbang’ seems to be the word everyone else in this thread first thought of, which I suppose is so common due to porn, but even that is a term I’m not really comfortable with as it feels far to close too gangrape. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, the latter happens far. far more frequently than the former in India. I don’t laugh at rape jokes, and don’t trivialize the word.


I think I’d rather be gang banged by them four black guys than try and make sense of the subsequence lunacy of this thread.


I love this thread


I guess if you don’t know the woman in he pic is a porn star then it could be a bit weird, She looks more than happy to be their though so I don’t see why you jumped to rape


I will admit I did also think of gangrape.


Jimmy Carr Joke - Gang Rape…The game 9 out of 10 people enjoy…


Because when people talk about football they often say things like ‘we raped them’. Yes, I see that she doesn’t look worried/anxious but my post was an instinctive reaction to the image, not a well-thought out analysis.