The Funny Picture/WTF Thread






:joy: Never hand your phone to a randomer


Crime and stealing is bad and all that but that’s the type of story that I read and can’t help but think “good!” :smile:



What the hell?


Honestly what the fuck. The implication of that picture is at best gross at worst evil.


It’s a bit late to find the connotations of that picture distasteful if you’ve happily indulged in that kind of pornography yourself any time recently. Go on, deny it :rofl:


I wouldn’t watch that!!! Disgusting Hassan you sicko. I prefer to see the hue of my own penis when watching gang bang porn tbf. Just a preference though :mustafi:




Hahahaha calling that picture evil what :joy:


Bonus points to anyone who can name her, I know I can (I think)


Dood seriously, people always look for the bad in every situation. Pretty sure it was just a rainy day and those 4 pizza guys simultaneously showed up and had to get new clothes cause it was so wet outside :iwobi::henry2::santi2::cristo:


What’s gross or evil about it?


The thought of a black man having sex with a white woman is evil to him.


wait wait… the black man on the left is Clyne and on the right there is Kanye West, WOW!!


She’s old enough to do porn? Jesus, she looks about 12… smile even makes her look like she’s got braces. :joy:


The idea of a black savage ravishing a pure and innocent little white girl just ISN’T ON. We can’t be having it, what’s next, high-speed internet and freedom for the gays???