The Funny Picture/WTF Thread


She seems so enthusiastic about publicizing this particular experience. I bet it will do wonders for her career.

Kid 1: What teacher did you get this year?

Kid 2: Oh, I got the one who lost a dildo up her arse. How about you?


Incredible :joy: :joy:



That’s fucking brilliant. What sick cunt cut his whiskers so he would end up in that situation to begin with.


Some cats are just fucking stupid you know.


That one clearly isn’t though, did you not see the witty banter he was coming out with.


I’m a cat person but that bit right at the end got me. xD


This just popped up in my newsfeed. Page looks like it could be worth a like lol




Defo WTF. What looks like a Vauxhall Corsa crashing around the Nurburgring at 200KPH.

Look at that air! :open_mouth:


When the DVD logo hits the corner of the screen perfectly

:joy: :joy: :joy:


Animals have this weird fixation with GoPros


Edit by JakeyBoy: Spoiler tags added, do not click unless you want to see lacerated ballsacks and dangly testes

Just came across this at work


I want @Kaner’s job if this is considered safe for work


@Kaner I have edited your post, good thing that you can wrap spoiler tags around an uploaded image otherwise I’d have deleted it. I really could have done without seeing that tbh


Sorry didn’t think of that, I forget some people are not dead inside like me




This crow knows how to have fun. :kosc: