The Funny Picture/WTF Thread






That sounds more like 4chan, reddit would down vote that comment to the point where somethingobscur would have the police turning up at his door.


You made me slightly sad with your cynicism so I had to find out for myself


Cynical that reddit is filled with millennial pc lunatics? I browse it every day but the sheepish culture on that site is unbearable.


I love Reddit. Cannot believe I avoided it for so long. :neutral_face:


I find it to be a lot of both, and a fair bit of confirmation bias.

There’s plenty of horrible right wings bastards on there as well, make no mistake. But yeah there’s a ton of white knight PC wankers as well and /r/unitedkingdom is basically Labour on Coke. /R/soccer is dreadfully holier than thou and super smug as well.


The message board style was a complete nightmare to get used too. Put me off for fucking ages.
I’m not even sure why I’m addicted too it. I have to go to all the comments at the bottom to get my chuckles. At least IMDB let people be the natural cunts that they are without judgment.


Yeah, exactly the same for me now that I think of it. The layout looked horrendous to me so I avoided it. Now I love it.

At the moment, I’m loving RoastMe. Someone the other day roasted an Instagram model so perfectly it made her delete her account. :joy:


Cynical in that you doubted the veracity of a meme (just realised that might be just how I read your post), the idea that some bloke might have shopped it devalued it slightly in my eyes


Haha I seen that. Fucking silly bitch. Like an hour later people on 4chan were asking for her instagram to fap to.




dude that is racist


Would’ve been better if Cech and Özil were swapped, but I give it a like for the right kind of humour.

You racist, my caucasian.


Was said as a joke not seriously!



the ex boyfriend of the woman wasn’t it? that was brilliant.