The Europa League Thread


Hope Manure and Tottenumb at least lose today :santi:
Quite a strong team for Tottenham, but then they have Sissoko.
Krasnodar-Fenerbahce 1-0.
Copenaghen already up.
Boring game in Gent. Credit to the belgian side to make it dull. Meanwhile, Astra, Celta, Shakhtar and Rostov score.
2-0 Rostov. And 3-0 shortly after!
1-0 Fiorentina thanks to the young startlet Bernardeschi.


@Persona You’re rooting for Gladbach tonight, right? Should be 3-0 up, are down 0-1.


1-0 Fiorentina thanks to the young startlet Bernardeschi and 1-1 Genk.


He’s 23, not 17.


Gonna start getting comfy for this thread next season. #ThursdayNightArsenal


Yawn. Get a grip :xhaka:


2-0 Lyon.




Bernafuckindeschi take a bow lad, just about to post this aswell, that was against the run of play too Gladbach should of easily been two goals before that banger.


2-0 Copenaghen.
What a defence by Tottenham, lol! 1-0 Gent!
3-0 Lyon!
Rostov running riot. 4-0.
AZ pull one back.


Spur’s last 4 games: W1, D1, L2. 1 goals scored (a penalty), 3 goals conceded. Dire team.


Hopefully they find form again soon, last thing we need is Wenger signing another contract because they implode and our fans are celebrating like fuckwits because we have scraped past them on the final day of the season.


Wenger is one thing, Spurs another :wink:


Utd 1-0 St Etienne - Big Nose Ugly fuck with jammy deflected free kick…21 for the season though


1-0 Ibra.
Quite a good game in Villareal.
Would have been some goal by Mata.
Schalke up. Probably @Persona is not watching them.
Emerson! Take a bow! What a strike! 1-0 Roma. Anderlecht make it 2-0, instead. Saint-Etienne close to equalize.
1-0 APOEL against Bilbao. Quite a surprise.
Saint-Etienne are not playing that bad. The draw should be the outcome.
Bilbao equalize immediately.
Saint-Etienne are becoming dangerous and dangerous.
So all the teams who beat Inter have lost (Sparta Prague) or are losing :smiley:
Another quick equalize. 1-1 for Beer Sheva.
Nothing is happening in this second half.
First two goals for Bilbao and Besiktas.
Dzeko is such a killer this season. 2-0.
Williams and the game is almost over for Bilbao.
Easiest tap-in ever. Ibra again.
Christ! Dzeko is really on fire. A brace for him and 3-0 for Roma.


Ibra taking the realistic route to getting a European trophy. What a pro :sunglasses:


Notice how he just stood still for the 2nd goal and waited for the ball to fall to him…was like a playground goal hanger just tapping home from a few yards out!


2-0 Schalke. Can they win it @CunningLinguist?
Dzeko’s hattrick!


Dzekoooooo hattrick 4-0 Roma


Hattrick for Ibra as well.