The Europa League Thread


Arsenal’s opponents Cologne and Everton’s opponents Atalanta are back in European competition for the first time in 26 and 25 years respectively. Try telling them it’s boring!


Watching Atalanta now.
Calhanoglu puts Milan up against Austria Wien.
2-0 André Silva. Milan have already kill the game off.
Partizan and Slavia Prague up as well.
Everton have started strongly.


How are Atalanta doing?


Milan are bossing it.

Goodnight Vienna.


They have just scored with Masiello.


Milan 3-0. Silva again.
Hoffenheim and Villareal lead, while Rijeka and Young Boys draw.
Atalanta close to score the second for 2 times in 2 minutes.
Everton are probably the worst team in the league right now. Atalanta so close to the 2-0 once again.
1-0 Skenderbeu.
GOMEZ! GOLAZO! So deserved.


What’s evertons team selection like? A big pile of shite?


Many first team players available.


Everton defence :arteta:. 3-0.
1-1 Braga.


I don’t get how can people see the crap that Koeman’s team regularly display and think he’s something more than a hoofball merchant.


The Everton defence are slower than turtles stampeding through peanut butter!

Not sure they spent that Lukaku money so well after all… similar to Spurs with Bale. Have sold a gold medal and bought a few bronze medals.


Austria Wien pull one back.


They can’t buy players who can improve them. They should look in the Salah/Lacazette category for players, but they are sought after by six other clubs.


Dinamo Kyiv equalize and score the second shortly after.


He played 4 Barcelona d00d!! And was Southampton manager, they play great football there don’t ya know!

Tbf though, another guy who people were suggesting was a hoofballer (Valverde), is looking pretty good on early signs and might’ve just been working with what he had at Bilbao.


2-1 Braga.
Almost 4-0 to Atalanta. Beautiful counter.
Depay puts Lyon up thanks to a penalty.
Atalanta hit the bar :mustafi:. They are just toying with Everton!
Hattrick for André Silva.
2-1 AEK Athen.


Petagna getting plenty of plaudits. How is he playing? Big fan of him.


Playing well. He has had an 2 assists so far.


5-1 Milan, 3-1 Dinamo and 1-1 Astana.
Villareal kill the game off. 3-1.
By winning today, Atalanta have made a big step towards the knockout stage.

Milan, Dinamo Kyiv, Braga, AEK Athen, Slavia Prague and Villareal win as well. Lyon, Ludogorets, Copenaghen, Young Boys and Zlin draw, instead.


How fun. The chosen game for TV here in Sweden is FC Zorya Luhansk vs Östersunds FK. With Graham Potter as manager and Jamie Hopcutt in the starting lineup. Looking forward to a pleasant evening indeed :grimacing::rofl: