The Europa League Thread


tryed the gooner aswell, but it´s hard for me, need to have 20 posts, that you are able to ask for tickets! but i keep on trying :slight_smile:


I´m going crazy!!! have my ticket for face value, near away sector! Thank you all for the help! Awesome! :star_struck:


We’ve named a 42 man squad for the Europa League


Wenger was right. Our squad is too big to buy more players :hipster:


There’s an A list (25 man squad) and a B list (under 21s). I’ve never seen them amalgamated like that before. Haha


Is it right, that if you play in the Europa League, and then in January you move to a Champions League team, you can still play for them?

Asking for a friend called Alexis Sanchez.


that is correct


I’ve always thought if you play in one you’re cup tied for the other but I’m unsure why I think that.


Well this is what I thought, but I keep seeing on Twitter that Sanchez can still play for another club in the CL come January. So I’m wondering if that means he can only play in CL if he plays no EL minutes, or if it doesn’t matter


There are legimately nine people listed there that I have literally never heard of lol


Who? I’ve gone through and there are only 6 who I don’t get.


Nah I’m pretty certain it does not matter if Sanchez plays all 540 minutes in Europa group stage he’d still be eligible to play CL in Feb should he move.


Same. I couldn’t work out 6 of them.


I know him.
Hasn’t he got a mate called Mesut?
I’ve heard he would like to join him in the CL as well.


Hugo Keto, Tolaji Bola, Chiori Johnson, Tafari Moore, Charlie Gilmore, Marcus McGuane, Aaron Eyoma and Josh da Silva.

That’s actually 8, realised I have heard of Nketiah


i wonder which of those 8 Cuellar is about to tell us is an amazing prospect he first noticed 2 years ago at Hale End


Yes! We must know the same person :wink:

I’ve been reliably informed that yes you can play in EL and CL for 2 clubs in 1 season though. So Alexis is in luck :+1:t2:


Could Alexis receive both a EL and CL medal, if his new team won CL and we won the EL but he still played all 6 group stage games :thinking: Iirc some Chelsea players who left in January still got a PL medal


PL has a rule if you play x amount of games you get a medal. In a cup the club just gets a bunch of medals and decides who to hand them out to beyond those in the squad on the night. He wouldn’t be considered a EL winner officially in the circumstances you describe.



I do, sadly, know all of those players, though it definitely came as news to me that Tafari Moore is still with the club/still exists. Feels like he should be older than me now. Good to see we are as bad at moving on players at youth level as we are at first-team level, though.