The Europa League Thread


The article referring to previous match footage…



FC Koeln spelt their name wrong. No umlaut or E.

I think that’s probably fake.


funny what i hear about Koeln/Köln/Cologne or what ever you call it :slight_smile:

does anybody know how many tickets are curently available for the game vs Köln/Koeln/Cologne :slight_smile: ??

who the hell are they? :sunglasses:


Wait, did I just get roasted? :thinking:


never would do something like that :kissing:

but i bet you are a arsenal member or know some members, don´t you? please help me, mr funny Persona :wink:


Not a member and don’t know any. Sorry about that. Good luck though. :+1:


It starts next week! :mustafi:


Winning this weekend would really get me ready for this.

I just want to see Arsenal group stage-Vela-cameo-cheeky-chip-in levels for a distance in Europe again, before taking ahold of whoever seriously come the new year. Give me something fellas.


Tried to get flights from mcr to malpensa (milan) for the Athens game and they are £120 on the Thursday, then £20 to return on the Friday it’s a joke


Thank you!

Nobody knows a arsenal member here? I would pay some more and lot of beer of course :beers:


Too bad drayton got banned, he was always up to take someone to a match.


Yeah that really was unfortunate


always bad when good guys get banned! was he banned because of ticket thing?

you two aren´t member?
in best way, i would like to have tickets above or near to the away sector. i arrive one day before the game, so don´t think thre´s a risk for anybody? and i´m not a hooligan or something :slight_smile: just want to support my club! In this case it means a lot to me…


guess again


Don’t guess again. No need to go over that again.


he´s right. That´s nothing to speak about in a open Community!

guys, what can id do to get a ticket? really need help or good advices! running bit out of time!:worried:


This has never really been a ticket trading site to be honest. A lot of our members are international rather than local. I don’t think you are going to have any luck through here.

I note that the game has now gone to friends and family, that means there are/will be paper tickets out there which I suspect will make it easier for you to pick up a ticket on the night of the game itself.

I know one of our members used to use this Twitter to get tickets also so maybe try these guys…


I don’t like to advertise a rival site, especially one containing so many fuckwits on it, but you are far more likely to get a ticket via onlinegooner

It has a much higher proportion of regular match going fans, plus it’s considerably more vitriolic than this place, so they aren’t going to care a lot about our Europa League fixtures

I don’t like seeing people make the effort to travel abroad without tickets and then be disappointed! I’m sure someone there will offer to meet up and lend you their card


Guys, you are awesome! :pray: really thank you! having new options now! try my luck :slight_smile: