The Europa League Thread


Strangely enough, I’m right there with you. But I think Wenger has already downplayed the importance of this competition. I’d love us to go for it tbh. Also, for a manager that got to the final and lost in that fashion, I’d have thought he’d wanna go for it too.


It will be an embarrassment if Wenger doesn’t get to the final tbh


imagine the mocking we would get if we didnt pass the group stage :cech:


Are there any rules about who you can meet in the first knockout apart from teams from your own group? Like imagine we met Milan and got knocked the fuck out? :giroud3::arteta:


Probably on my own here, but quite excited by that draw :laughing: Quite gutted to be missing all three trips, when all three are doable. Cologne in particular would be an awesome trip, Belgrade’s nice too


How does it combine with the Premier League?


Just bite the bullet and max out the credit card :smiley:


Good point! I momentarily forgot who’s in charge of the purse strings, but you’ve reminded me (it’s me :smirk:)


Cristo’s bae seems to be having a good time of it at Rosenborg…That wonder goal recently and this pass… :giroud2::giroud3:


Yeah, not a fan of these 6pm kickoffs. I think I’ll have to be “sick” on those Thursday afternoons. Fortunately I work in an office with mainly football hating girls so no one will twig onto my plan :sunglasses:

No way am I missing Bate v Arsenal. It has game of the season written all over it!


We were beating the minnows of the CL by 5 goals last year. We should have some real stormers in us this year in the EL.


Already had BATE and Cologne fans after me for tickets, I imagine the home game vs Cologne in particular is going to have a lot of Germans in the home areas, even tho we’re dropping the prices and should just about sell the games out…:grimacing::eyes:


I feel the key for us will be to master BATE in our 2 games.



Sucks to admit it but you make a decent point here. Our performances in the Champions League completely vindicate not being in it regardless of the league and our qualification record. It’s a miracle we hadn’t ended up in here sooner. Sides with bigger expectation play in this tournament semi-regularly and take it seriously. We should embrace this tournament. Plus side is we might get to see Arsenal murk a few teams this season. Might as well enjoy being flat track bullies.


How would you guys rate the chance of tickets making their way into general sale? Especially for the Cologne match?


Hard to say, we’re entering new territory. I would say ‘low’, midweek games are still easy to sell out to our massive tourist fan base. BATE and Red Star aren’t Shrewsbury


That’s disappointing, but expected. But then again I do want to avoid ticket touting at all costs (for obvious reasons)…

As you might have guessed by my username, I’m a fan from Cologne looking to support our “Geißböcke” (billygoats) in London. Tickets will be allocated to our (applied) members by lottery, so I’m not expecting to get a ticket in the away end.

So, let’s assume (against all odds) tickets go on general sale: when can I expect this to begin? And how does Arsenal notify fans?



i wouldnt bother since when (especially recently) have we picked up a genuinely decent player that is unknown from our scouting network. If they dont wanna go down the shitter i suggest they stay away from that our scouting network is pure unadulterated dogshit!

Who knows though we might pick up a few ideas off them though since we seemingly are incapable.