The Europa League Thread


Ahhh Koln are my German team. I wanna go to that :poldi:


Crvena Zvezda… Sounds like a hot Eastern European model. :neutral_face:

So, they’re going to Belarus, Deutschland and Serbia. Serves those fuckers right for being so shit last season. :arteta:


Two shit teams, with two long trips :hipster:.

Group E and L look great.


Been to Köln twice around Christmas time, it’s a very pleasant city if anyone is thinking of an away day


Red Star Belgrade. Fuck me, our away end is going to get absolutely trashed.

It’ll be a sight to see though.


Better draw than expected. Bate will probably be a shit fest away, Köln will be entertaining and Red Star a great atmosphere in Belgrade. Nothing too challenging but decent enough.


Oh the excitement is just to much!


It means Red Star.
The club of the communist party during communism, the Serbian equivalent of CSKA Moscow/Sofia etc.

Btw if anyone is wondering what CSKA stands for - it literally means the club of the army.


red star belgrade huh, who fancies being murdered trying to watch their team :cech:


Belgrade was actually a much better city to visit than I was expecting it to be. Dirt cheap too.


It’s a beautiful city and very enjoyable in spring. I’d take my running shoes with me though if watching one of the teams.


Be aware.


Matchday one
Arsenal v FC Cologne
Thursday, September 14
Kick off: 8.05pm
Venue: Emirates Stadium

Matchday two
Bate Borisov v Arsenal
Thursday, September 28
Kick off: 6pm (UK)
Venue: Borisov Arena, Belarus

Matchday three
Red Star Belgrade v Arsenal
Thursday, October 19
Kick off: 6pm (UK)
Venue: Rajko Mitić Stadium, Serbia

Matchday four
Arsenal v Red Star Belgrade
Thursday, November 2
Kick off: 8.05pm
Venue: Emirates Stadium

Matchday five
Cologne v Arsenal
Thursday, November 23
Kick off: 6pm (UK)
Venue: RheinEnergieStadion, Germany

Matchday six
Arsenal v FC Bate Borisov
Thursday, December 7
Kick off: 8.05pm
Venue: Emirates Stadium

Two early kick-offs against Bate and Red Star, away.

Info from


Doubt I’ll be watching those early kick offs, I don’t normally leave work till gone 6. Depending on ticket prices I might take in the spectacle of Red Star’s fans visiting.


Don’t think I’ve been less interested in watching Arsenal in a European competition haha


Argh, I’m excited by the Europa League. What’s wrong with me.


Bate, Koln and Cvezdza…

That as well as our performances against Stoke and Leicester should be enough to be a dampener.


6 pm kick off times on a Thursday night… nope I’m not feeling that at all


Why do people act like Europa is beneath Arsenal? We’ve won a single third rate uefa trophy in 70 years of European football. Winning it would be a great achievement, the best thing in a decade and a half…but no, let’s focus on scraping 4th so we can be humiliated in the CL again…
The difference between Spurs & Arsenal is that Spurs fans know they’re a banter club, Arsenal fans are utterly deluded and think they’re among the European elite.