The Europa League Thread


So glad I opened this thread :joy:


You could tell me that those were the names of a medical condition or a new designer drug and I’d believe you.:arteta:

Seriously, Arsenal better not Arsenal this competition up.:santi:


Come on now, even when we were good we only beat Slavia Prague 7-0 :henry2:


18 points ahead of Zenit and 37 ahead of Lyon. By far the highest rated team in that competition. We better play like one.

Sadly the stadium is legit trash but worth it for a city trip I guess.


Pot 4 looks like the names from your local 5aside powerleague


It’s going to be an odd draw, there’s definitely teams in pot 3 that will be tougher than pot 2, also maybe pot 4 too.

Also the obligatory travelling. If we goto Astana away on a Thursday, I wouldn’t back us to win on the Sunday, squad rotation or no. Wenger won’t name two completely different XIs and at the very least some would be required to travel long distance even if their only involvement was from the bench


tbf it was the first time they crossed the Lord’s path:

Let’s be honest, it was never possible for them.


Marseille/ Real.S & Hoffenhiem would be our group of death :eyes:


When is the draw?


13:00 today.


A nice trip to Lugano’s lake is well-welcomed!


@Luca_from_Italy No bald cunt this time :slight_smile:


Link, @Bl1nk?


There’s Dutch coverage on FOX Sports 1 too


Gianni :santi:


Henrik Larsson. Cunt.


We’re slotted in Group H.


Group H!


We get FC Boring Bate Borisov.
We get FC Koln!! :poldi:
And the final drawn team in our group is Red Star Belgrade


  1. Arsenal
  2. FC Bate
  3. FC Koln
  4. Red Star Belgrade

Enjoy the rest of your Friday :slight_smile:


BATE Borisov