The Europa League Thread


Fuck off. Cork is an actual place you know.I was there just 2 weeks ago! :smiley:


Fucking right i am. Some easy likes for you there gents, :slight_smile:


St Johnstone lost at home to the runners up in Lithuania?

Scottish football is atrocious.



Guess which Israeli came off the bench in his debut to score in the 88th minute and assist in the 91st to help his team to victory? :giroud3:


my boy Yossi still has it


WC player.


The amazing thing about that, is that he was on the bench for most of the game.


Could still warn the bench for us :wink:


Videoton are the first team to qualify.




Scottish football is just so crap!


Brilliant! I reckon the mods on here could have formed a team and beaten that team!


How on earth would Luxembourg’s 4th best team even have made it into this competition in the first place? I didn’t know they were even allocated that many spots for European Football over there.

Christ, that takes some doing to lose to them though. Bravo Rangers, don’t come knocking to England anytime soon :laughing:


i wouldnt laugh too much we might get eliminated from the Eurpoa from a team we cant pronounce by a 3 goal deficit. Such is the complacent Arsenal we are used to, will go to a team thinking the game is already won like we usually do.


No we won’t.


Oh, don’t you start again! :gabriel:. Even if we went 2 goals down we would win at least 4-2 in the end :wink:


Rangers and Scottish football are a total embarrassment :laughing: Every time you think that country can’t sink any lower in football terms


You kinda had me until the 3 goal deficit bit. If we lose it won’t be by 3 goals to an unknown team. Come on man, be positive :henry:


Its an exaggeration, but we can sometimes lose to teams we should trounce because of the attitudes of players thinking they will win by just turning up on the pitch. Hopefully this season we will not see too much of it though.


Is that a team or a Transformer