The Europa League Thread


I’m gonna have to get used to us playing on Friday morning, truth be told it’s not different to Wednesday or Thursday morning :joy:. Watch the full game when it’s a 9 hour difference and watch what I can when it’s an 11 hour difference, the ferociously check the score on LiveScore whilst on my way to work/ at work. Sunday night games are a bummer though as it makes Monday a more tired and painful day that it already naturally is.


Simple solution to all of this, mate.


I swear if I were Aussie or American I’d just watch one of the shit sports you guys excel at. I honestly have so much respect for you nutty bastards who get up/stay up so early/late to watch us play, I’m not convinced I would haha.


Why don’t u record the matches and just avoid social media/OA until you get home and watch the match? I really enjoy it, maybe harder in australia I’m not sure how closely the country follows the sport.


I’m not even gonna watch the matches and I live a mile from the Emirates


When I was younger it was easier to do this. The easiest way to find out the score for a young kid through teletext. I use to wait till match of the day to find out the scores whilst retaining the excitement of watching the best parts of the match.

Use to love that warning prompt from the BBC sports newscaster telling you to change the channel if you didn’t want the results ruined before MOTD


Nigh on impossible, mates will send texts hanging shit or just giving away the result.


Aside from that, I dunno if this happens to others or if I just have poor impulse control, but even the times where I’ve had football during a weekday match (the Utd FA Cup game where Welbeck scored the winner comes to mind) and just had to avoid looking at my whatsapp for a couple hrs while I watched the game from home, I still struggle to watch a game, or get properly into it, with the knowledge that I could make one click and know how it ended. Aside from that, there’s just something about sport, I think, where it needs to be watched live…I can’t quite explain what it is but it’s just not quite the same to experience a goal that you know is happening more or less in real time, and one that happened three hours ago and you’ve recorded it…when I’ve watched recorded games it’s been more like, “oh, so that’s how that happened.” Usually I give up within 15-20 minutes and just watch the highlights.


Yeah I can’t watch arsenal or football games that aren’t live. Just doesn’t feel the same at all. To actually feel the goals you need to see it happen live as that gives you a natural reaction good or bad.

Just watch the goals or highlights if I can’t watch the full game


Same, I can’t watch 90 minutes of a game knowing it’s already happened.


It officially starts today!


First results: Gorica, Pavlodar, Almaty, Botev Plovdiv, Slovan Bratislava, Dinamo Minsk, Cork City and Trencin win, while Ventspils and Valur draw.


Looking at that fixture list just leaves me thinking why are we in this


Cause we finished 5th :wenger:


Actually we’re in it cos we won the FA cup and didn’t qualify for a higher ranked competition. :nerd:


Because we finished in a qualification spot that didn’t apply to us.


Yes it didn’t apply because we won the FA Cup. :slight_smile:


PL Website :slight_smile:


Is there a difference? Like which round you start in


If you win the FA Cup and don’t finish in the top 6 you start in the earlier qualifiers