The Europa League Thread


Why? Several members on here were desperate for the Europa League - so I’m sure they will make this thread fun :neutral_face:


The group stage of the EL is just in general rather meh due to the rather wide range in quality. At least from an Arsenal perspective it’s likely not going to be really interesting until the playoff games, unless we start using some of the youngsters or somehow draw a good team.


Can’t wait to face some random teams from Slovakia and Slovenia :wink:


I know it is silly, but frankly I am sort of excited to do something different and hopefully have different results. It is mind-numbing and demoralizing to have such consistent failure in Europe. We should be hitting the final 8 really and semi’s occasionally. Fair if we don’t get to the final except rarely, but getting knocked out of the round of 16 every GD year is pathetic.


Exactly. As i have always said, we need to grow an european winning mentality. The Europa League is a good starting point.


Yeah look at Atletico and Seville. They’ve won the EL loads and have loads of CL titles too OH WAIT


Atletico have become a force in the Champions League.


I’d be delighted if we could have a 5 year period like Atletico in the Champions League, even if they haven’t won it… 2 finals & a Semi final is more than Wenger has achieved in 20 years.


In fairness I was just kidding


Not sure I could handle losing two CL finals in 3 years tbh


Getting past the Ro16 would be a start


Some absolute poverty in the Group Stage, what is a Lugano. We should coast through.–18_UEFA_Europa_League#Teams


Only to find us managing to lose to the likes of them by 2 straight goals :henry2: :facepalm: :santi:


Seems like most expect this to be a walk in the park for us.


We’re the richest club in this tournament. We’re the highest seed in this tournament; meaning we will draw favourable opponents. There is really no reason we shouldn’t get to at least the (semi-)final without that much issues.


Yeah I can agree as much that we look good on paper. But that doesn’t mean we will win. There’s still a few good teams who can finish third in their CL group.


Being in Europa League suits me better as I miss Saturday 12:45 and 3:00 games because of work, unless I sneak out, lots of Sunday games should be nice.


Ouch that is a bummer. What do you do since you work on Saturdays?


Hair stylist :slight_smile:


I was going to suggest retail, hairdresser or beautician :slight_smile:

Used to work in retail, Saturday and Sunday shifts were fucking shite lol