The Europa League Thread


I’m actually looking forward to this for some reason. Maybe because I think we should be the clear cut favourites until a big club drops down into the R32 from the CL.


You mean next season is the one where Bayern massively fuck up their group and unbelievably finish 3rd then end up drawing us in the Europa League??


Honestly I think Sociedad, Lazio, Milan, Lyon, Marseille, PSV etc. could be some really good and interesting games for us.

By no means easy, but certainly entertaining and we’ve played Marseille and AC Milan in the CL before so it won’t feel too different haha


The reality is we will get knocked out by a high performing Europa league team. I wouldn’t have backed us against Sevilla in any of the years they won it


I fancy us over two legs against most sides likely to be in this. It’s only the English ones (who are likely to bottle their CL groups but show up against us) and the final that I’d be worried about.

People can hype these teams as much as they want but this place would be in fucking meltdown if we lost over two legs to Lazio or Lyon.

We should be the favourites while we don’t know who the CL teams are.


A trip to Italy would make for a nice change!

With the right preparation in this tournament, we really should be making it past the quarters at least, regardless of all the thorns other teams possess.

Stamping some authority down in Europe pre-Brexit with all of our bulldog spirit like a proper’ English club should be doing :jakey:


It would be so Arsenal to meet Tottenham or Liverpool in the QF and squander this opportunity :confused:.

The way I see it we’re in the same situation as we were in 15/16 in the Premiership. But hopefully with the opposite outcome…


Though I would have backed us against any of the teams United played during this years campaign.


AC Milan will probably win this kne, if they strengthen accordingly.

Arsenal won’t win it. Our problem is that we can beat Chelsea like we did in the FA ccup final wrh a masterclass. But we can also get humped 3-0 off Crystal Palace.

Any team that catches us on that day will KO us.

Wouldn’t be surprised if it was Partizan Whzbcbsjakd or whatever, or a giant like Milan or Lazio.


This is a great article on us in the Europa


Here we go! :mustafi: First round draw:


what round do we start from?


Group stage.


oh right so same as the champions league for us


This will be an active thread throughout the season :giroud3:


Can see it now. Lacazette to score the winner in the final at his old hunting ground and secure the admiration if the Arsenal fans


We should be starting this up pretty quickly right? Can’t wait until we play the B team in this tournament and everyone is shit fucked off about it.


Or we could easily lose another european final :giroud3:


Beats being knocked out in the Round of 16 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This will be such a boring thread until the second half of the season.