The Europa League Thread


Even if we lose Ozil and Sanchez we still have a better squad than 95% of the teams in the Europa League. Villareal, which is the best team in it besides us, might have gotten a little closer in that case.


Even the second team should easily qualify or be sold straight away if they failed. The drop in quality from us to teams in the third and fourth pot is huge.


Yeah at first I was a little bitter about not making the CL, but the Europa League trophy would be a great addition to our cabinet. Besides I think it gives us a great opportunity to keep some of the squad players happier by getting to play more. Europa league lineup could look something like this:


That’s plenty to get is through a lot of Europa League matches tbh.


I’m honestly excited about the Europa League next season, altho I expect to be in the minority on that one*.

The more I think about it the less I care about the supposed difference between CL status and EL status. It’s all media exaggerated. Big clubs can and do use this competition as a springboard.

*This is liable to change if we get Shakhtar Soligorsk and it’s mid December



I’m excited for our European campaign for the first team in many years.


Same I’m hyped for the EL.


Yeah i don’t think you’ll be in the minority. Not wanting to be in the competition doesn’t equate to not being excited. Yes I wish we had qualified for the CL but we didn’t so bring it on! I get excited for any competition we’re in to be fair - even the league cup!


Watch us have an insane team next year go undefeated in the league again and not be in the CL the one year we can win it :expressionless:


I knew you three would have my back :+1::sunglasses:


Europa League is a new experience I’m excited for it. We’ve got a free European trophy on our hands to win.


Im excited for it as it will break our CL round of 16 sequence, really hope it’s just a one year break from the Champions League though. Would love to win this tournament snd the enter the CL with what would feel like somewhat of a fresh start in 18/19.


Far from ‘‘free’’. Yes we will be one of the better teams in it but it’ll still be difficult to win whilst jostling for top 4.


Let’s go and win this!


First time I have seen us mentioned by the Europa League account seems so weird still lol


Lazio are a good team. Milan are rebuilding with some very good players and they’re nowhere near done. You have the traditional CL drop outs (Liverpool could be one of them, plus all the other CL qualifying teams and 3rd place group teams).

This will basically be the most competitive EL since back before the CL became a saturated competition.


I don’t think this edition will be more competitive than the 15/16 edition. Unless we’re going to see a lot of suprises in the group stages of the Champions League. Lazio are a team we should beat regardless though. Milan can become a problem.


I hope we give this a good go. As a club our European success is lacking and winning this would be a step in the right direction.


Wenger would be arrogant enough to do this indeed. Whilst he should thank the gods for the opportunity to add some European silverware in the closing stages of his career.


It’ll be like the FA Cup of Europe :wenger:


We should take this seriously cause we’re not challenging for the league with Wenger in charge and I have serious doubt that we can even challenge for the top 4.