The Europa League Thread


Spain and Italy are the best. Food, girls and landscape :giroud:


I think because their season has been as poor as ours in the PL but they have still won two trophies, as well as qualifying for the CL, leaving us the only top English team not in it.

Also, any club managed by Mourinho deserves all the contempt they get.
He spent over 100m last season and now he has qualified fir the CL, he will spend even more in the next transfer window.

They might have finished behind us in the PL by one place, but I’m sure Mourinho will be grinning smugly at Wenger, as he passes us, and goes above us next season.

With this win they are a club very much on the up, like spurs Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City.
We are going in the other direction.


United have had a better season than anyone bar Chelsea of course. Mou wins again :roll_eyes:


Defo out performed Pep and pressure and expectation big on city now. Had a free ride Pep this season and come up back in united shadow for the first time since Fergie.
Im not sure weve had that much a worse season than them tbh.


I’d say they have. Winning two trophies and getting into the CL is better than finishing 2-4 and trophy less


She hopes Zlatan saw it


I doubt if anyone who makes a banner like that would have a wife.

Possibly a dog but not a wife.


Don’t underestimate people’s mental health :wenger:


I would have find it incredibly satisfying if Zlatan would’ve ended his career without an European trophy. But Ajax had not chance at all.

There’s no reason we shouldn’t win it next season. #Lyon2018.


Yeeaaaaahhh I wouldn’t be so sure.

Look at the amount of injuries we’ve managed to collect just in time for our fa cup final.

We’re arsenal, we’ll find a way to fuck it up.


United won it, Chelsea won it, Liverpool were finalists; all in the last 5 seasons.

The media will put us under a lot of pressure to win it and that will feed into the fanbase


Oh no I’m for sure expecting us too bottle it. But looking at the fact we’re the biggest/richest in it and all that, there shouldn’t be a reason for us too bottle it.


We might not be the only former gloried club in the Europa League next season :wink:. AC Milan has qualified for the 3rd round qualifiers.


It will depend if Wenger stays will he take it serious, I have my doubts he will. I fully expect him to play the 2nd string team with the odd first teamer in the group stages. He will go all out for the PL next season. If we have our usual mid season collapse and if we’re still in Europa, he will do a Jose and go out all to win it and take a hit in the PL, that’s if we get out of the group stages.

If we take it serious then I could see us winning it, that’s If keep our top talent and add top class talent too it. I have my doubts though if Wenger stays if he take it serious though.


Might sound arrogant but I don’t think there’s any “if” about it.


Weren’t Liverpool looking in a spot of bother at one point in a group containing Bordeaux, FC Sion and somebody else I forget?

I’d expect to be winning the group and avoiding the CL drop downs, but take nothing for granted


Nah, I’ll take qualification from an EL group for granted :smile:

If the CL group stages have been navigable for something like 15 years straight I’m just not going to worry about the EL equivalent. Some shite Liverpool side apparently struggling but still qualifying isn’t going to change my mind hehe


I’m glad you have so much faith in our Europa League group stage full backs, Cohen Bramall and Vic Akers :speak_no_evil:


We should get out, but for me it depends who we have in our squad come next season and deep it is. We should do but I won’t be over confident at all.


It would be a great trophy to win. I’d say its more difficult to win than the FA Cup. It gives you CL qualification which we may need if we dont sort our league form out.

Not to mention I think its a gorgeous looking trophy.