The Europa League Thread


True, but the manager’s influence is overrated if you have top players. I think Ozil/Alexis owe us a title by now.


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Relax man. You know Wenger is staying. Just delaying it.

However, go and eat your angus with chips, then have a beer and piss yourself in the pants because you have drunk too much. Good night!


7,600 posts and about a third of them are just this fucking smiley.


They also didn’t have Europa League football either.


:joy: Luca you are the one in this thread that needs to relax lol not me :wink:


we wont be able to afford them :sunglasses:


Class banner in the crowd, “Zlatan, stay and you can shag my wife.”

What kind of a jerkoff makes a banner like that. I hope his wife saw it.


Obviously. It’s best we get knocked out early to focus on the league though, then we can also do a Leicester and Chelsea.




Would you actually take a poor mans CL that’s only helpful if you’re outside of the top 4 over a great shot at a title race? Our squad is being underestimated we have 2 of the best players in the league, after past failures will be determined to bring it home.


At absolute best we will finish 4th next season. I’d rather do a United and finish 6th & win the Europa League over 4th and win nothing. We have had Ozil & Sanchez the last 3 seasons and haven’t come within single figure points of the Champions.


I’m just inspired from a quote from Ozil’s book we can do it


I don’t know what’s worse, Luca’s Food ‘Banter’ of AbouCuellar’s terrible puns :laughing:


I was there tonight at the bars in Amsterdam watching the Ajax game. Say what you want about it, but two flukey goals from United. A deflection and Henrikh’s goal, don’t even know what that was. Not saying Ajax had a chance, but at least Ajax was playing football and trying to attack.

The mighty United sat back like cowards, a typical Mourinho team. Disgusting. Ajax’s entire team is worth one United player in terms of $$ and yet they played football.

Oh well. Fuck United and fuck Mourinho. Cunt.


Cant see anything flukey about the second goal really tbh.


Let’s be real here, both are top.


F this. F life. Fing mou wins again. Season gets worse.


If Luca could at least go on some cooking classes to spice things up as he’s running low on ideas. Cuellar on the other hand is a lost cause with his puns.


We could probably use our B-team until the last 8.