The Europa League Thread


Fuck that will decrease our chances immensely, hopefully both make the round of 16.


Mate im not sure if your drinking. If so stop. If not start.:smiley:


Eh I need to see more from Liverpool and Spurs to consider them a top team


What? C’mon Moaninho isn’t capable of making his team play well. He is a parasite who sucks the life out of his opponents.


Why do we care about it the most? Seems that fans of other big clubs had everything pinned on reaching the CL this season. City, then especially both United and Liverpool.




Not as fans but as a club


Fuck it. Not funny.


knew it would piss you off :joy:

Luca stop being so serious :wink:


Mourinho looks like shit in his interview.

Loom at those dark circles.


I’d say the same goes for the clubs too. They all desperately wanted top four.

Not an important point to argue though anyway.


Trolling angus. Hopefully Mou is gonna lose the European Super Cup final 30-0.


The thing is while I’d celebrate winning it, it’s not actually better than 4th place. Since we played Gala in the final of the comp we haven’t been poor enough to qualify for it. You have to be a certain level of shit to qualify for the competition.

In the past I’d put it on par with winning the FA Cup but now it qualifies for the CL it’s arguably a bit better but arguably the FA Cup is harder because it has better teams in it, ie all the top 4.




Lucky prat. Hopefully he is gonna splash the cash and bankrupt Manure this summer :wink:


It’s just general bitterness. It’d be nice to win but there’s bigger trophies we should focus on next season. UEL too tiring on an injury prone squad.


Only one that is bigger is the PL and there is not a snowballs chance in hell in us winning that.


The last 2 league winners didn’t have CL football so there’s a nice omen to start off with. If we play kids in UEL we have a better chance.


They also didn’t have Wenger :wink: