The Europa League Thread


Clearly hinting at United winning the Champions League. Well, fuck them!


Tinpot trophy :slight_smile:


Some of the stuff they’ve said about Monday has been at best cringeworthy, at worst crass, belittling and without any sense of perspective of any kind.


Unless we win it next season. It’s gonna be a better feeling than this pathetic excuse of a team called Manure dirty Manure.


16/1 are probably some decent odds to put on ManUtd to win it.


Another European Trophy for Jose.


Wow this sucks Chelsea, spuds, lolpoll, shitty and now united all have champions league


16/1 are decent odds considering the investment they’re likely to have in the summer, could be worth a bet.


Well they got the longest odds out of the 8 clubs. Every chance they make it that far. History of manager and club bound to be mentioned as a contender.
Big players coming and likes of Rooney leaving 16 to 1 wont be that high for long.


Is that 4 european trophies for him.




Truly can’t wait to see Griezmann being destroyed by Moaninho. It’s gonna be great. He has just won 3 cups because he has just outspend his opponents, as his style of play is from 1800.


Correct, 2x Champions League, 1x UEFA cup & 1 Europa League.


Looks like the EL win means something to the United players and fans…


Its a European trophy and a Champions League place, its underrated by Arsenal fans who celebrate 4th place like a trophy lol.


Actual LOLing at Arsenal fans turning their nose up at a European trophy. :neutral_face:

I’d be buzzing if we ever win this. I’d imagine you wouldn’t celebrate if we​ won it?


Well the disrespect is complete now.

How poetic, the team that cared most about CL qualification, is the only top one not in it.


Liverpool and Tottenumb are gonna join us from february :wenger:


Don’t think we genuinely qualify as a top team anymore.

The psychological tendency to bottle it at every opportunity removes us from that tier tbh


I mean I can see it, but I wouldn’t go that far just yet. If Liverpool and Spurs count, we do too.