The Europa League Thread



TITS! They couldn’t really wait, could they?


its a parody account


Time to get full Grunge with Black Hole Sun. Meh…:wenger:


It’s official now:


Don’t want a bloody scottish team in the Europa League though :wink:





probably be out at group stages again, i reckon they will chuck it!


Would genuinely laugh if we go out in the Ro16 in this lol


:xhaka: :xhaka: :xhaka:


Young Boys
Austria Wien

Probably something like this :wink:


Swear to god if you keep using that Xhaka smiley so excessively, I’m going to take it away from you Luca :xhaka:


GOAT smiley though. Sums up the season


Have some respect for the club mate. Group state. Pfft. We all know we’re going out in the Round of 16.



So funny. Fucking Spurs cunt. Hope they go bankrupt one day.


Chill out. Not sure why you’re so certain he’s Spurs


Same tasty looking trips in there, when’s the draw?

Also I want to be in Group L or Group M or however far it goes down to


Someone actually wrote an article based on that fake UEFA tweet. :giroud:


The 2018 UEFA Europa League Final will be played at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais in Décines-Charpieu, France.

.#Lyon2018 :rosicky:


25/08/17: Group stage draw