The Europa League Thread


Were we to expect some?


Just sounding off tbh. Seems to a lot hype about their league and how its so much better than the prem. Maybe it is ,maybe not but well till it delivers a european trophy imo it comes across as a bit secondary.


Looks like the magic ran out for Snape’s men. :arteta::henry2::per::ozil2::per::cristo::wilshere::wenger::woj:

They could use a bit more wizardry in midfield and attack. :santi2::coq::ox::ozil2::per::ramsey::cristo:




Yeah, Guidetti bottled it in style. United basically had 1 shot, 1 goal in the whole game.


Unbelievable! Was it that poor?


So Man Utd will be without Bailly, Zlatan and De Gea (assuming Romero stays in goal) for the final? Anyone else?


I think the final will be entertaining. Ajax creates chances and won’t be afraid. They are young and inexperienced which often is a disadvantage but against a park the bus team like Mourinho’s side it can play in their advantage.

Ajax creates chances, shambles at the back.
United solid at the back, shambles in creating chances.

I really fancy Ajax to win it, perhaps naive from me, but I think it’s not too far fetched over a singular game.



“It had only gone out for a throw-in.”





Would be even more embarrassing if Ajax absolutely destroys them


Ajax fans. :+1: :heart:


I would think that Pogba and Mkhitayran probably cost more than the whole of the Ajax first team.
But Mourinho will still go on about this being the most important match in Man U’s history.

Watching them getting beaten by Alax would be nearly as good as us getting fourth place.


If United fail to win the EL, and I hope they do and Ajax win it, do you guys reckon United will dispose of Mourinho?

Surely finishing outside of top4 with no cup to show for is even worse than they did under LvG (who at least won a FA cup)?


Excuse me, there’s the Capital One Cup they won in February.

Mourinho IN!


They’d be foolish to sack him off the back of one season in which they clearly need to rebuild.


Yeah, no way Mourinho will be sacked this season


The fans love him too, which obviously wasn’t the case with LVG. Not a chance Mourinho gets sacked.


What cup? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl: