The Europa League Thread


Two teams who are playing like they were already in the dying minutes of the game. So much space at the back.
Well done by Dolberg here.
C’mon Ajax! Get a fucking goal!
What a chance for Lyon! Ajax’s defence, lol!
Ajax are struggling to come out from their box now. Maximum effort for Lyon.


Dolberg is the kind of player we should be focusing on getting and also the kind of player we stand a chance of getting.


What a hit!
FUCK!!! 3-1 LYON!


Fucking football I hate this shit. I’m gonna watch Curling from now on


This is also a pretty big reason you want him isn’t it :wink:


Ajax down to 10 men. Just perfect!


Every team I want to win… :neutral_face:

Come on AJAX!


OH CHRIST! HE DID IT AGAIN! @CunningLinguist


What a chance for Lacazette!


Come on Ajax see it out!


FFS! Lyon are gonna score for sure. Ajax have collapsed.


And double red in the Celta-Utd game.


OMG! How did Lyon not score here? Brilliant end to the game!


Ajax shook


Oooooh my god. That should’ve been the 4-1 (5-5) :cech:

@Bl1nk will be 10 years older after this.


United are scrubs, Celta have lost their last five and are 11th in La Liga.


Didn’t know Celta had equalized :smiley:


You should. Curling is great!


Yes! It’s done! But fuck me, Ajax gave you nightmare :smiley: