The Europa League Thread


Sisto likes to shoot from far, also seems hes got an engine on him


0-0 HT. United have been quite good in the last 20 minutes.


Pogba, lol!
Lingard dives and the referee doesn’t rightly give him the foul. Strange, english players never dive.


Just tuned in and already bored. Such low pace


Ajax would destroy both team if they played like they did yesterday.
Rashford is very good. Great free kick to give Manure the lead.


Yeah was a nice free kick


Tie over


Of course Rashford scores the freekick


Very disappointing from Celta tonight. It’s been a poor game, but I expected a better tempo from them


Ajax are just going to have to destroy these cunts in the final.


One of the commentators on BT Sport sounds constipated, who is he?


Can tell José doesn’t believe in injuries. Chris Smalling has been back in training for just 1 day, he’s literally only just stopped wearing his protective boot… on he comes though!


Celta didn’t even try. It’s up to Ajax to stop Manure.


Didn’t get to watch the game but for me Álvarez should be saving that FK. 0-0 would’ve been an okay result for Celta.


I would like to start a relationship with this topic, taking advantage before the news will be official.

Nice to meet you, EL. :hugging:


We are gonna win it next season :wink:


We have no chance.

As soon as it gets in the way of our top 4 aims it’ll be sacrificed.


Ehh both give a CL spot and considering how shit we are, trying to win the EL may be an easier path into the CL.


Yeah your probably right. Myself personally though would rather come 6th and win the Europa League over 4th and winning nothing, net result is you qualify for the CL and get to win something in the process.


I don’t think it will now it qualifies for the CL. If qualifying for the CL is the all important thing we probably should rest players in the CL in order to be fresh to qualify for it.