The Europa League Thread


Drug test for Maxi :hipster:


Dolberg is the kind of player we should be signing to get the jump on everyone else. Before he inevitably goes to Chelsea or City.


Nice football is my drug.

C’mon Arsène, get back your old self.


“We tried to sign him, but he costed too much” :hipster:


Lopes has kept Lyon in the game.
4-1 FT for Ajax. Wow! Breathless! :smiley:
Time to switch on Monaco-Juventus now :smiley:


My favourite player growing up (outside Arsenal) was Sneijder at Ajax.

Ffs I feel the need to dig it up now haha


What a performance. PROUD.


At least something to be proud of for you :wenger:




Fucking hell the ajax hype train is strong in this thread lol.


I’ve barely watched Ajax all season, but judging by this thread they are defiantly good enough to beat United in the Final ?


Ajax are very good at home. Away suspect.


Ajax played six away games in EL and won only one game with 3 draws and 2 losses.

In Eredivisie lost only two games (one last week vs PSV).


Considering the Final isn’t in Amsterdam that does not fill me with much confidence.


A final is a final. These young lads have nothing to lose. It will be united who have everything to lose.


:red_circle: :white_circle:


Vamos Celta! Puta United! :bellerin:


Do Celta stand a chance in this tie? No idea what their team is like at the moment.


Well United are obviously favourites but Celta have beaten both Barcelona and Real Madrid this season so there is obviously something there. They’ve lost their last few matches but they’ve rotated a lot in preparation for this. I’ve only watched a handful of their games this season but they look decent enough to me, and Iago Aspas is thriving again – he could yet be a Liverpool hero if he stops United getting CL football :grin:


C’mon Celta!
Wow Rashford! Would have been some goal from outside the box.
Slippy Lingard and Fellaini :smiley:
Another save by Celta’s keeper. United starting to dominate now.