The Europa League Thread


Why is it on a Wednesday?


I better get used to being in this thread…


May 4th holds significance in the Netherlands, as it is the nation’s Remembrance Day (Dodenherdenking), an annual observance that remembers those who died during war and in peacekeeping operations. It comes a day before Liberation Day, marking the end of Nazi occupation in 1945.



@Luca_from_Italy where the hell are you man? No goal updates?


TWO NILL!!! Get the fuck in!!!

Havingg a party by myself here :poldi:


FUCK OFF! I didn’t know it was today, you ganja man.


Watching the 2nd half?


Great finish. @Cristo


Sign him up!!!


Tell me something about him. They call me “the new Laudrup”.


Danish superstar in the making definitely


He looks exactly like Ibra, tbh.




3-0! Ajax running riot today.


Definitely will have to call my Grandpa later on if he’s still alive lol :grin: This might end up being too much excitement for him.


Fekir close. Great save.
Great game. Lyon not giving up.


I owned an Ajax shirt when I was younger. For that reason, come on Ajax


Christ Dolberg! He strikes so well! :giroud2:


Me too… Still got a Litmanen shirt from back then. I’d have to try if it still fits.


Asking too much here.