The Europa League Thread


But Eurofighter!!


They have Anderbrügge on the mike as we speak! :arteta:


6-6 on penalties in Besiktas-Lyon!


Hah, how fitting.

Only saw Höwedes talking about how Ajax had no chances at all and how they fluked it lol. He didn’t seem happy.


I want Kolasinac and Tielemans/Goretzka.




Finally both team miss a penalty.


GET IN LYON! Deserved!




Lyon and Ajax can both stop United. Maybe Celta too to be fair.

Decent standard in the Europa this season (oh wait, like every season :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue:)


Ajax is not going to stop Manchester United. I’d say they are the most ideal opponent for United with the high line etc.


I disagree, but we’ll see what occurs.


Snape’s men are a decent side, definitely would be surprised if they’re not better than Ajax, but that comes with the disclaimer of not having watched Ajax this season.


I’d just be stoked if Man United don’t win it, don’t really care who does as long as it’s not them. Similar to the Liverpool situation last season.


Celta Vigo vs Man United & Ajax vs Lyon.


Interesting match ups. Hope United lose to Celta to a Sisto hat-trick.


Lucky United. They are not gonna face a difficult team until the final.


Easy there calcio boy, never doubt the Gallegos, just ask @Calum , they’ve got a mysterious power.


If you say so, i believe you, you chorizo boy :bellerin:


Ajax v Lyon kicking off in 10 minutes. I highly recommend you watch this match, could be a spectacle!