The Europa League Thread


Ibra looks fucked :giroud2:


Not that I particularly care about the Europa League, but vamos Celta!!

Very happy for them. They’ve been an excitng team to watch the past few years and deserve it so much.


Caligiuri. Game over.


Ajax is done. What a bottle job this has been.


Oh oh! Assist for a certain bosnian left back :hipster:


The hype is real! He’s coming to the Arsenal!


Clearly trying to impress Wenger today :hipster:


Oh shit! Totally forgot about this Utd match, been too busy slaying people like @SRCJJ in the Ronaldo debate.

C’mon Anderlecht! Didn’t think the had a chance, tbh, but I suppose whenever Marouane Fellaini is on the opposition…

Fucking hell, as I turn it on, lol.


Chorizo boy :facepalm:


Only to come here and not bother to play for him like half our squad




Ajax still alive… wohooo


Two Arsenal players in the team and they bottle it :hipster:


Schalke as a success story was never going to work, really.


3-2 and Ajax are through. I have to say it is deserved based on the two games.


They weren’t done! Huge!

First Dutch team to a semi-final since 2005 I think.


Nice save Ajax.

Kolasinac with 2 assists. Not bad, we should get on that.



Get the fuck in, I never saw that coming after our stupid collapse. YES


Schalke. :joy:

Get in Ajax!


Look at a Dortmund fan happy because his arch rivals are out as well :hipster: