The Europa League Thread


6th place has automatic entrance for the group stage this season, because of the teams that are left in the FA Cup semi’s.


Celta Vigo-Genk 1-1.
2-1 Celta now!
United hit the post and Ajax take the lead.
United are finding it very easy through the middle. They are basically creating dangerous situations at every attack.


Ajax are destroying Schalke at the moment. Love it.


It was coming for United. Well-deserved.
3-1 Celta.



United, Ajax and Celta are up, while Lyon-Besiktas has finally started.
1-0 Besiktas. Silly defending. Babel plays for Besiktas. Didn’t know it.
Besiktas fans causing troubles again.
Lyon hit the bar. Enjoyable game.
Such a shit free kick by Fekir.
2-0 Ajax!




You should support Ajax now :wink:


Genk pull one back.
Besiktas leading at HT.
Great header! 1-1 Anderlecht.
United draw, while Ajax and Celta win.


Pretty surprising results in there, decent result for Genk, very surprised that Besiktas are beating Lyon and that Anderlecht did anything against United, altho United will still cruise it now with that away goal.


United are winning this competition as I’ve maintained all along, they will cruise past Anderelcht 2 or 3-0 at OT.


They just need a 0-0 :wenger:
Well mate, your prediction is not that difficult in the end :wink:




Legendary show. :clap::raised_hands::ok_hand:


2-1 FT for Lyon. Besiktas’s goalie cocked up in style for the second goal.



I was really impressed with the way Ajax dominated Schalke for 90 minutes. This current team has so much potential. Sanchez, Klaassen, Traore, Kluivert, Veltman, and many more.

Peter Bosz has turned them into a pressing machine. Schalke didn’t get any time on the ball and were forced into mistakes. If not for Fahrmann’s strong goalkeeping it could have been 4-0 or 5-0 easily.

I hope Ajax can carry this on and do something special in the Europa League this season, because god Dutch football needs a lift, a big one. This Ajax team gives me hope and belief. No doubt the big European clubs have half the Ajax squad on their scout list, but I hope this group of players can stick together for a while, would love to see them in the Champions League.


That would be so great to see. I would love it.

How have schone and Dolberg been?


Good. Schone is very reliable and has been key in a couple of big games. Dolberg has had a very good campaign as well, scoring a lot for a guy his age. He’s been injured for a couple of weeks and just got back, being eased back slowly.

I read a report last week saying Schone isn’t really rated highly in Denmark, with the focus mainly on Feyenoord’s top-scorer Jorgensen, and Ajax’ Kasper Dolberg. Weird really, I really rate Schone. Does he ever play for the national side?


Nope he never does. No idea why, he had to be better than Delaney and Kvist. It’s so weird because all the dutchies on Reddit jizz themselves about how good Schone has been got Ajax om a free and yet he never gets anywhere near the national team.

He’s been quite versatile for Ajax no?