The Europa League Thread


Gent vs Genk…it’s a Belgian derby! :eyes:


Wait… I thought Genk and Gent was the same team?! :eyes:



Freakin nailed it


United’s easy route to the final.


Awkward draw, no way I’d travel to Rostov or Krasnodar at the moment


Yeah, it’s not that easy - it’s a long journey too, even longer if airlines are still refusing to fly over Ukraine! The 2 legs are also either side of their cup match at Chelsea. I suspect José may well sack off the FA Cup, or at the very least give a few players a rest.


United could play mid 60s games in all competitions this season :scream:


Yeah, if they beat Chelsea it’ll work out that they’ll have 3 PL games to catch up on, but if they go further in the Europa League there will only be 2 spare mid weeks in which to play them on, so the logistics of that one will be fun!


Will be interesting to see if they prioritise the two legs against Rostov or the Fa Cup quarter final at Chelsea.

They have a big squad but I don’t think any squad in Europe can realistically avoid being affected by being in 4 competitions still in late Feb/March time


Lovely stuff.


C’mon Rostov :wink:
Copenaghen already up against Ajax.
Mikitharyan puts United up, Ajax equalize and Anderlecht make it 1.


Europa League over :speak_no_evil:


Random question: under the new rules, the winner of the Europa League and CL get CL football the next season not at the expense of any other team in the league, right? That is, City and United could win the CL and EL and finish 5th and 6th in England and we’d have 6 teams in the CL from England?


The 4th would miss out.


Because of City winning the CL or United winning the EL? Because Sevilla won the EL and there were 5 spanish teams in the competition this season, ie they entered at the expense of no one.


The former.


Man, that’s kinda retarded if you think about it, 4th place in a domestic league isn’t punished for club they finish above winning the EL, but is for club they finish above winning the CL. :hipster:


2012 happened to Tottenumb :hipster:


They’ve changed the rules since 2012 though. 5 teams from England is the maximum allowed in the CL now.