The Europa League Thread


Ugly greasy big nose cunt makes it 3 from the spot after an outrageous dive…


3-2 APOEL and Schalke kill the game off.
United and Roma are basically through.


I can see Jose winning a double this season, despite all the piss taking from Arsenal fans sent in his direction.


No interesting game at this time. Meanwhile, Olympiakos go through against Osmanlispor.


Goaaaaal 1-0 Villarreal, Vermaelen fucked up an Borre banged it in, with the way Roma have started if Villarreal can get another before half time the comeback could be on


Still a long way to go for Villareal :slight_smile: Besiktas and Zenit up as well.
APEOL take the lead against Bilbao. They are qualified atm. Ajax also up.
2-0 APOEL. Bilbao are on the verge of getting knocked out.
APOEL down to 10 men. Big chance for Bilbao now. Hapoel equalize.


Zenit have levelled the Tie.


2 big favourites are out: Zenit and Bilbao.


The finish to the Zenit & Anderlecht game was edge of your seat stuff.


Lyon up against AZ.
What was Gent’s defence doing here? Eriksen did what he wanted. 1-0 to Spurs.
Too easy, just too easy for Spurs.
Sparta Prague-Rostov 0-1.
1-0 Fiorentina with Kalinic. Dark horse?
Get in Kane, you beauty! 1-1! :smiley: 2-0 Lyon as well.
Kane having a mare! He has just missed a sitter!
Fekir scores a brace for Lyon. 3-1 atm.
Game almost over in Florence. 2-0 Borja Valero.


Nice one Kane, scum need 2 more to go through now


Spurs basically create a chance everytime they attack. Gent are piss poor.
Christ AZ! You are just a toothpaste! 4-1 Lyon.
Send the cunt off! Spurs down to 10 men.


Criminal by Alli… he can’t complain.


Finally Gladbach score.


What a prick. Awful challenge.


Gladbach could have equalized here.


Gent to qualify was worth a bet tonight, Tottenham don’t convince at Wembley just like we didnt really




C’mon Gent! Finish them off!


Gladbach 2-2!
Great chance for Spurs. Christ! Gent are so crap if they can’t attack with 1 man up.
Fiorentina are out, as it stands.
Big, big miss by Kane.