The Emirates XI (2006-2016)


RVP? Who?


Too much sodium chloride directed at RVP. I agree cunt for going to united but it shouldn’t hinder ones capability of judging things objectively.


^ agreed.

HOWEVER. I see a disturbing lack of Diaby in all your lists. I think it’s high time you deleted all your accounts and went off to Arsenal Mania with the rest lf the trolls tbh.

Especially those of you listing that penis Alex Song.


Arteta, Diaby and Walcott are probably the most overrated Arsenal players of the Emirates Era.


Shut your whore mouth.


Truth hurts bruvv.



I can’t believe that I completely and utterly forgot about Arshavin when thinking about putting this team together. He didn’t cross my mind for a second.


Lehmann, Sagna, Toure, Kosh, Clichy, Cazorla, Fabregas, Walcott, Ozil, Sanchez, RVP.


I seriously thought about him but went With Nasri instead. Arshavin was a serious player for us in the 2nd half of 08/09 though & 09/10.


Yeah i just couldn’t drop anyone for him though.

If we are being serious Ramsey should be in everyones teams because of that purple patch.

Better than anything any other CM has done at Arsenal i think.

Oh and edit: Diaby should be in the team for this 10/10 magnificent display alone:


Fabregas was insane in 09/10 I think with 15 league goals ? Also he had about 18 assists in 07/08 ? Ramsey was also just stellar in 13/14 not downplaying that.


Assists are a funny one because imo they are more a reflection of the collective as oppossed to the individual.

Granted only the top players reach those numbers, but still. Very good challenge to my point! Perhaps i’ve just shut out Fabregas and all his epic moments.


Thanks for all the responses guys. I’ll have this up tonight sometime - I like to do things in a little extra detail so will have the team up tonight.


Is this over then? :slight_smile:

Here is mine.


                Bellerin - Mertesacker - Koscielny - Clichy

                          Cazorla - Gilberto Silva

                         Hleb - Fabregas - Sanchez



I thought it was… Im sure @SRCJJ put something up… I wonder if anyone who picked Cech would now change him?


For Szczesny or Almunia? No fanks.



Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal

Cesc Song Cazorla

Ozil van Persie Sanchez


Lehmann over all of them


Had to put Walcott in, he’s been integral to at least three incarnations of the squad in the Emirates years. I remember Messi saying he was the one player we had that he found terrifying to play against.

Also quite surprised to not see Gilberto in more lineups, perhaps a testament to how undervalued his talents were, or indeed to the youth of some of our members :grinning:

As for Henry, if you think he wasn’t still world class in 06/07 you’d be well advised to look again. It was only injury that held him back that year and he went on to be top scorer at Barca at least one season he was there I think (cue someone with more time than me looking that up). He scored one of his best goals in that season too away at Blackburn.

Oh, and as for Van Persie, he would absolutely be my next pick if I had one, but for me he was too undependable for too long to pick over the others. He was shite for long stretches when trying to recapture fitness, which is to be fair what he spent much of his career with us doing.


It was less about who was world class and more about who contributed most in the Emirates era and I’d say RVP made a far more telling contribution than Henry did.