The curious dilemma of Immigration


Listen man, Africa has had some great leaders in the past. The problem is that most of them weren’t liked by the West so they decided to kill/get rid of them.


tbf for a country, 50 years is a short time. Many of these countries are very old, still dictatorships or have only recently become democracies.

The US had a civil war and looked a basketcase almost 100 years after being a country.


Trion is right 50 years is a good long time to put things in place for a country/state to get they shit together. But African continent is a special case most of the worlds resorces are there corporations and western governments would not allow them to them to freely exercise self determination




Only 2 para in and already its depressing.

Sidenote - great article so far.


Yeah it’s awful. Sadly nothing new, western companies taking advantage of a corrupt region.


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