The Cunt List


The Crispy Cunt? Sounds like a good name for a pub.:grinning:


That to me does not conjure up nice images.


The cab driver that nearly knocked me off my scooter at clapham,through dodgy lane changing,He missed his turn off, stupid blind cunt.


Im starting to think the purge wouldn’t be an entirely bad idea.





The FA


IMDb for shutting down their message boards. :rage:




Arsene Wenger
Complete cunt


Football its a cunt of a game unless youre playing it well


Andy Goldstein


Still Trump…


Chris Sutton.

“If Claudio Ranieri had finished 12th last season, he would’ve been sacked already”.

Shut up you buffoon.


Sean Paul.

Thought I’d heard the last of this moron when I gave up listening to commercial radio stations some years back, but unfortunately I was recently exposed once again. A true assault on the ears.



the man’s a fucking legend in my book


This guy (and the rest of the team but especially this guy):


And he did even complained! What a cunt!


it is deliberate, look at the way he goes in…it looks like he is going for the ball but up comes the studs and he turns as he jumps in to get full purchase as he does it so he is obviously doing it with intent look at his body language as he goes in. He does this often he has done it to our players too and gets away with it. This is why that i genuinely think he is a cunt not just because he is a spud but anyone that can purposefully go and do that and not give a shit that he could ruin someones career and health is the lowest of the low and genuinely a CUNT of the highest order!


The guy who drove off after knocking my mates dog down this evening. The pooch shouldn’t have been off the lead but who the fuck drives off after doing that. Massive cunt.


Sorry to hear that, some people are so cowardly :confused: