The Champions League Thread


I like him, but sometimes he comes up with some big bullshits.



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Finally someone who’s talking sense! :henry2:

On a side note, apparently Spanish police had to stop several Bayern players from storming the referee’s locker room and Neuer broke his foot prior to the 2-2 and is out for the season. When it rains…

Oh well. . .never liked Bayern since they robbed St. Etienne 76 at Hampden park. Losing to united and chelsea didnt help either.


@SRCJJ @Oliver @Aussiegooner @Stroller you haven’t responded in the least to the content of the post. SCRJJ in particular you are using the typical facile tricks that Ronaldo backers use to support facile opinions, ie stating number of goals scored totally outside of the context of minutes played or how they were scored, while ignoring the relevant stats (ie, Giroud scoring significantly more goals/90 than Ronaldo).

It’s sad how good the Madrid media and the media in general is at duping people into thinking he’s still a top player. Well, better put, it’s sad that that kind of stuff actually works on people.

All you have to do is watch him regularly or delve slightly into the stats as I’ve done there to see how shit he is currently. Typical that not one person responds to the post itself though.


When he retires it wont matter what anyone thinks of Ronaldo. He has 100s of goals and the worlds best trophies to his name. Phenomenal player and athlete.


Gonna be difficult for Juventus against 14 men today.


It’s Juventus, they definitely bribed at least one of the refs.


Juventus are going to win the whole thing. I can feel it. They’re the world’s greatest


Juventus will definitely go throught tonight. PSG they are not, this team has the astuteness and skill to get a few away goals and defend superbly.

I hope to god that they go on to win it now. They are the only team for me that can stop Real Madrid from winning it again.


All this talk of stats yet you really have avoided the one that matters.

43 goals in 51 apps, this season.
19 goals in 24 of those are your mighty La Liga.

But of course its facile and doesn’t count. It’s Ronaldo, no supporting stat counts. Honestly i dont see why it even bothers you this much, thought i’ve always found it weird how you dwell on individuals you dislike. Coquelin and Chamberlain are another two that you constantly mention for little to no reason.

Let your Ronaldo hatred go man.


Again, why put this when I’ve already given you nonPG/90, which is is clearly a better barometer of quality, if your intention is not to deceive?

Not sure why I bother tbh.


I remember when stats were used to prove Theo > KDB.

When Giroud has a 43 goal season lets talk. He has a grand total of 115 career goals and he is already 30 however, so…

Wont hold my breath. :smile:

Find this whole thing weird tbh, i dont understand why people don’t just enjoy Ronaldo while we have him.


Yes, by misusing stats in much the same way you are right now.

Really? You find it hard to understand why people can’t enjoy a player who’s as or less effective than Olivier Giroud and as or less aesthetically enjoyable, who is undeniably a massive cunt, who plays for the cuntiest team in the world? :smiley: Yeah…super weird shit.

What’s weird is not my stance, what’s weird is the cult behind him, of which you and SCRJJ seem to be a part.


19 goals in 24 league games is shit, and im the one missusing stats.



Again, why are you using an irrelevant stat? .6 nonPG/90. Giroud has .9.


Please do :wink:


do you have data for other strikers?


Allegri takes no shit. 4+1 at Camp Nou.

Passlack not even on the bench :coq: @CunningLinguist @Persona


bvbasm? Isn’t that what @Persona has every time Dembele scores?


Sure, it’s very simple: go to whoscored and find a player, click detailed, and do goals>situations>per 90.

Luis Suárez has .9 nonPG/90, and averages 2 key passes per game to Ronaldo’s 1.1, so he’s both outscoring him significantly and creating double the amount of chances as him (while taking significantly less shots, but we won’t get into that, might get a bit too complicated for a conversation of this level :wink: )

Walcott averages .5/90. You go through the data yourself, like I said, Ronaldo’s shitness is there to see for anyone who’s actually paying attention and willing to have an open mind.