The Champions League Thread


Give me Bayern over Real Madrid, proper football club that operates in the right manner.


As an aside :heart: Asensio. Having the balls to not pass to ROnaldo when he was begging for it, and to put it away like that. Beast.


CSU is the especially Bavarian variant of the CDU (there is no CDU in Bavaria). It adds catholic hypocrisy, nepotism and perpetual drunkenness to an already despicable party.


Well, it was more the underage part really.


She was 17 iirc and he got cleared of any charges because she lied about her age. Nevertheless totally scummy from where I’m standing, but as I said - if you want to apply this level of moral standard, every footballer is a scumbag.


Oh ok fair enough, that changes it a bit.


It’s because AC is constantly attempting to discredit CR7 and it almost always seems to backfire on him. I mean comparing him to a Giroud is frankly laughable and I have no doubt he means every word of it too.


I mean, AC’s hatred of Ronaldo is very well known round these parts, it goes far beyond the context of what he might have said tonight . Any comments made about Ronaldo in response to AC should be viewed in that light.

I love it when you go off on one about Ronaldo @AbouCuellar :smile: When you do it’s like the part of me that hates Ronaldo and wants to criticise him but times about a hundred.

@CunningLinguist I think @Calum used the blowing kiss emoji to show that no hard feelings were meant.


Well, quick look at whoscored:

Giroud’s nonPG/90 is .9 in 900 min of league play. Ronaldo’s is .6 in 2100. Giroud’s got 1.0 key passes to Ronaldo’s 1.1. Both are null as dribblers, Ronaldo just tries it more and loses it more; averaging .9 dribbles and 1.3 unsuccessful to Giroud’s .1 dribbles and .1 unsuccessful. Ronaldo edges Giroud in PS% 79.1 to 71.3 (logical as Ronaldo faces the play a lot and Giroud plays with his back to it; it’s a mediocre-poor figure for both considering).

It’s not a laughable comparison at all. Both are quite limited players whose sole contribution to the team is goal-scoring–Giroud’s is well-superior…the fact that Ronaldo plays nominally on the left and Giroud strictly through the centre probably evens out with the fact that Madrid is much better than Arsenal–and who are detrimental to the team often in build-up (Ronaldo because he’s selfish and takes a lot of shots which don’t result in goals and end attacks, or dribbles that end attacks–which can be seen in his 5.8 shots/90 to Giroud’s 2.9, while Giroud of course scores at the far better rate. Giroud because he loses possession a lot, though he’s also asked to hold the ball up in ways Ronaldo is not)

I was going to say Ronaldo probably has superior movement to Giroud but his goal scoring figures this season, at least, do not back that up.

Me discrediting Ronaldo has never backfired on me. I pointed out his decline a while ago when people still hadn’t caught on to it. I’ve always avoided the discussion of Ronaldo/Messi–because the comparison or illusion of there being an actual discussion/choice between the two is harmful and confusing to the many little minds of the world, a bit like Hillary/Trump–instead preferring to compare him with whoever was the 3rd best player in the world before he began his precipitous decline to Olivier Giroud-ness.


How can that american boy be happy for Real after such a robbery? Everyone should hate a spanish team.


you arent just pointing out a decline though. You are leveraging your dislike of him as much as possible and quite frankly it’s coming accross as obsessive. Much like your hate for Coquelin!


This is quite frankly an embarrassing post.

I would never compare CR7 to Messi because to me, they are world apart. Messi is miles ahead of him.

But I’d also never attempt to discredit him to the point where I’m making embarrassing comparisons to Giroud and talking about how undeniably shit a 40-50 goals a season player is and then talk about his stats in comparison to a 15-20 goal a season Arsenal squad option who can go 16 games in a season without scoring.

Declined? Without a doubt.

In the discussion for best in the world? Absolutely not.

But undeniably shit? That is so far past the point of an impartial opinion. Of course he’s not.


I reckon @Arsenal4thetreble has missed an opportunity here. Responding to this with a pic of yourself trying to stick a hotdog up your elbow could have been post of the year. :smile:


Luckily I was too ill to watch that shit last night, but it’s no surprise to see Real can get some ridiculous decisions in their favour.

The way Barça and R.Madrid journalists go on about eachother getting decisions in their favour, they really should take a look in a mirror every now and then :joy:


Just attention seeking here mate. . .badly.


i’d go one further and say Giroud is far superior to Ronaldo. The evidence all points that way. Better hair too. :sunglasses:


I love this post. It’s a good reminder as to why Theo is better than KDB as well :grin:


Finally someone who’s talking sense! :henry2:

On a side note, apparently Spanish police had to stop several Bayern players from storming the referee’s locker room and Neuer broke his foot prior to the 2-2 and is out for the season. When it rains…


Your hatred for Ronaldo is becoming embarrassing now and I don’t even like the guy .