The Champions League Thread


Absolutely spot on. :clap:

Shitty way for 2 legends to end their CL careers.


Don’t know how any arsenal fans can feel sorry for Bayern.

Fuckin loving it me.


It’s not Bayern’s fault that they’re obligated by UEFA to give us a pasting every year.


Same hah Plus I really like Ronaldo, GOAT


Lol those delicious tears :sob:


Shit officiating, not as shit as the Barca-PSG game but still shit.


That is because you, like all of us from time to time, have made some bad choices in your life. Rooting for Real Madrid - and greased up narcissists playing for Real Madrid - is one of those bad choices. You are still young though, there is still hope. :grinning:

Edit: I mean, look at it. You’re getting likes for that post from nutjobs and right-wing nutjobs, which are incidentally always the people who love Real and/or Ronaldo. @SRCJJ being the exception, but even the best of us are led astray from time to time.


Glad Bayern got dicked


Give me Real Madrid over Bayern any day.

Don’t @ me :kissing_heart:


Find the Bayern hate baffling. Can’t find a single reason to hate on them, personally.

Well, except for letting the Chavs nick a CL off them in their own back garden.


New avatar featuring 2 greats after their last CL game. :sunglasses:


What about that they are…

Typical Germans who never learn.

Did I do it right? :grimacing:


Funny. Always thought we got along rather well, but it seems I was mistaken.


XENOPHOBIA. :stuck_out_tongue:

5-1 2015
5-1 2017
1-5 2017

They learned from the past and used it again to devastating effect. :wink:


Awkward moment when I don’t know if you are giving me banter back or are being serious :grimacing:


hahaha alright calm down mate :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, there are plenty of reasons. Hoeneß, Rummenigge, Beckenbauer, their CSU-connection, Robben and Ribery on the pitch (not off it, though). Rest of the squad is rather likeable. Real Madrid on the other hand…well, they have one (!) redeeming quality. :grin:


Why not off the pitch?

Wasn’t he involved in fucking an underage prostitute? Seems pretty scummy to me


Hoeness is a douche. :neutral_face: I have no clue about the other guys. CSU is Merkel’s party, right? You don’t like her?

EDIT: apparently not the same as the CDU. Different letters, my bad. :joy:

He’s German and models his game on Julian Weigl’s.


Well, Robben is a genuinely intelligent, respectful guy, and Ribery is basically a grown child like Podolski. If eliciting the services of a prostitute is scummy (I personally think it is, but that is another topic), basically all football players are scum.


:grimacing: WANT’S PASSION!! not this tippy tappy passy passy shit.