The Champions League Thread


Loving it. I needed them to score 1 goal against a 10 man Leverkusen on the weekend and they let me down, for a considerable sum. Hala fucking Madrid.


I don’t need to get a grip. It’s perfectly acceptable to dislike him but to continually downplay his obvious quality is frankly embarrassing. At the age of 32 and past his physical peak he’s still decisive for Real Madrid. And his goal record this season is as good as any. There is nothing impartial about how AbouCuellar discusses anything related to CR7.




Same goes for you. He’s been utter shite tonight, as been obvious for everyone to see. He preceeds to score two offside tap-ins against ten men in extra time and you harp on about his greatness. It’s easily as “impartial” as AC’s statements.


Real are far worse than Juventus. They are the evil empire.


Haha fuck off Bayern. Go on Real :grinning:


When did I “harp on about his greatness”? You’d definitely have to point out where that happened. Noting that he’s become the first player to score 100 goals in the UCL, and also that he’s been decisive today (3 goals) isn’t even close to harping on about his greatness.


Stick a fucking hot dog up your arse. You don’t know your ass from your elbow.


Getting Arsenal’d would mean getting ripped apart by a much superior team. This is not what I’m seeing.




[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:1920, topic:143, full:true”]
Stick a fucking hot dog up your arse. You don’t know your ass from your elbow.

I laughed too much at this. Your way with words is amazing.


Well, AC made one statement way back in the first half about how funny it is to see Ronaldo “dribble”, which is hardly a controversial statement. You, on the other hand, have made no less than three posts (all of which came of course AFTER he scored) about his 100 CL goals, how six goals are so great, and his wonderful performances at the ripe old age of 32. In other words, you’ve said a lot more on the praise side regarding Ronaldo than AC has criticizing him. What is you point?


Lay off the Limoncello and Sambuca, you’re drunk :grin: btw gfi don’t knock the hot dog up ur ass thing until you try it, fells pretty damn good!! :giroud2:


He’s undeniably shit. He’s Olivier Giroud, just he plays for a bigger and more talented club that likes to cross even more. The fact that he used to be more than Olivier Giroud does not take away from his current Oliver Giroud state of being.

Certainly not impartial, just correct. :sunglasses:


UEFA took this stance but reversed it in their favour. :gabriel:


Probably he doesn’t remember the second half vs PSG, Ovrebo at Stamford Bridge, the red card showed to Thiago Motta, van Persie sent off at Camp Nou…





I think Juve will win the Champions league this year, currently playing better than anyone else.


@AbouCuellar onside, perfect timing of runs. World’s finest.