The Champions League Thread


Disgrace. Hopefully Bayern can somehow get another.

Disgraceful stuff from Real Madrid. Remind me of SAF’s United teams.

Average teams getting results they have no right of due to dodgy officiating.


Carvajal’s run must have taken the lino’s eye off Ronaldo. Ridiculously offside lol



Told you. Go to hell, puta Franco’s team!!!


Marcelo is so good. Easily Madrid’s best player today. What a fucking robbery though. Bayern are so much better than this jammy shit team.


100 UCL goals and a hat trick tonight on the big stage but @AbouCuellar will still run him down.


As if he Piqué has a right to comment - he plays for Uefalona!


Yep Marcelo is fucking awesome. 109th min and he’s sprinting like its the first minute. Remarkable athlete and quality player.


Cant wait till they get humped


And they will.


6 goals are a hell of a lot of goals for a jammy shit team to score against Bayern Munich.


Bayern have been robbed, FFS!


loving the seethe on here. FUCK BAYERN!!!


4-2. So harsh on Bayern! Bastardssssssssssssssssssss!




He’s commenting because everyone talks about Barça getting favourable refereeing decisions yet somehow no one talks about Madrid, especially in the league. Ramos being offside in the CL final is somehow seldom talked about.


They’re Spanish in a UEFA competition. What else can be expected?

Bayern Munich, absolutely robbed.


I’m no lover of Real Madrid, but it surely can’t just be me enjoying Bayern getting Arsenal’d here :sunglasses:


Two offside goals and easily Real’s worst player. Get a grip, man.