The Champions League Thread


Perfect tackle. Awful decision.

Could be the difference between Bayern or Real winning the CL.


Brexit, Trump, Turkey and now Madrid winning 2 CLs in a row. What a time to be alive.


Lewa off.


Carlo is still a Madrid employee, apparently. It’s a long con.


Lewandowski off, Donkey Mueller alone upfront. Genius, Carlo. :+1:


Atletico are through, while ET in Real-Bayern.




Bayern looking for the third. They are showing to be a true great team.
Quite a good save on CR7.




Good dive by Casemiro, then Bayern waste a great counter. Costa should have passed to Kimmich.
Casemiro needs to kill someone to get sent off.
Wheelchair for Hummels. He can barely walk.
2-2. Hummels should have marked him, but he can’t play anymore.
Edit: offside FFS!


Full yard offside.


Portuguese Peter Crouch scores again. :facepalm:


Meanwhile in Florentino Perez office.





Decisions are definitely going in Real’s favour tonight.

Bit annoyed from a selfish point of view. I quite fancied watching a penalty shootout.


Bayern Munich not only having to play against Real Madrid but UEFA also and their shitty no league referees.


I thought Karsai started well and I usually like him, but at the moment you can’t help but say that he and his team of given Real the win.


The more Cuellar slags him off, the more Ronaldo makes him eat his words :joy: