The Champions League Thread


Did you put on more than two quid though? lol


City are going to have to score at least a couple here I think. Monaco looking so good going forward, going to be a tough ask to stop them scoring again - I wouldn’t even trust City’s backline to guard my hobnobs!


We will never get this guy, i reckon he will be heading to a team like RM or Barca one of the elite teams if he ever leaves monaco, wish we could have talent like him.


City can’t pass out from the back.


Lol. :joy:

£5 on first goalscorer at 6/1!


Offside. Unlucky.
So easy to play City. Just press them at the back.


Sadly I think this also, lets just hope its RM or Barca not United, Citeh or Chelsea.


IF alexis left.

i wouldnt be unhappy if we acquired Mbappe and a top notch wide man tbh.

Guy is a monster forward for an 18 year old.


Mbappe will be better than Alexis is now in 2 years or so, nor should you be unhappy. We aren’t signing him though.


Mbappe scored again but offside…


Subasic doesn’t look that good. He’s Monaco’s weakest link.
City are yet to have a shot on target.






Monaco have torn Citeh to shreds thus far.


Mbappe Lamar Mendy! What a threesome. I am so jealous!


The Ox Coquelin Giroud



Shattered I have to leave for work at Half Time in this, has been one of the most enjoyable ties I can ever remember.


Every Monaco player can kick the ball so well.
This is just embarassing for City, just embarassing. It’s men vs. boys!


Can’t decide if City are worse with the ball or without it!


Lets just Sign Bernardo Silva and Mpabbe in the Summer and I might stop complaining.