The Champions League Thread


This is not shit, we are shit actually.
I won’t even say Leicester were facing Sevilla and we were facing Bayern as an excuse.
If we truly believe we are superior than Leicester, then they were having an inferior opponent is pretty much equivalent to us facing a better opponent.
When facing a equivalent opponent, Leicester came from behind and advanced, we got thrashed 2-10.
That is the difference.


Na na na na na na naaaaa na na na naaaaaa Girouuud


We could have easily lost to Sevilla.

Spuds and Leicester have been to the last eight more recently than us, it’s still poor which ever way you spin it.


Of course it is, but that’s not the point of my post.

There’s just no need to draw a connection between a stupid event like this one and Wenger, unless you are desperate to find them everywhere you look. There’s no shortage of reasons to want Wenger out, I don’t see the need to go looking for them as a result.


Sevilla > Monaco 14/15


To be fair @ronniec said “shame on us” not Wenger.


So many people happy today. Were Arsenal playing today?


Yeah, tbh I completely forgot about Monaco when I wrote my post, but anyways that’s pretty much covered by the " And haven’t been as lucky as Leicester were over two legs either" part, as @Burgundy’s post points to. If we had been as lucky against Monaco as Leicester was against Sevilla we’d have won without any issue.


Tbf half the job of going through the ro16 is winning our group consistently and we’ve been doing a poor job at doing that. It’s more than just drawing a team like Sevilla that has us struggle in that competition. Also that Milan side we lost 4-0 to was far from the greatest team on earth.


Leicester is a massage from God to us: people to survive need to abandon the barça-esque football style and return with the catenaccio.


Do you think we should move away from a possession based game? (Even though we’ve tended to do that in recent games vs Barça and Bayern - through force or choice)


Barcelona-esque football never really was the standard. Not for other teams.


Yeah, true, though tbf we’ve rarely had group stage draws as friendly as Leicester’s either.

Anyways, I don’t disagree with any of this of course, it’s obvious. Like I said, I just find it boring to make pretty specious connections between events like these and Arsenal to beat a dead horse even more. That we are shit in Europe is undeniable and patently obvious, but I also don’t think Leicester is somehow better in Europe because they’ve been in quarters more than we have over a determined time period. It’s just boring and if we get into arbitrary nonsense like that we can change the time frame and say so and so team hasn’t even been close to a final in the last 15 years, blah blah blah.


Quite a number of times we sat back and played counter and had good results…


And we won’t if we don’t enter the CL as champions of England.


Lol at Nasri, still bantering us off all these years later. Leicester reaching the quarters is yet another stick for people to beat us with.


Balanced and factual. I think those are the two GFI traits i admire the most.


Well here we have one of these so called classy teams we always hear about fluffing there lines.
Fucking 2 goal start 2 penaltys and they lose to a struggling English side in a relegation battle.
Pretty happy about it tbh. Sick of hearing how technically superior every team in that league is to the prem.
Main thing tonights result has done for me after 2 poor CL campaigns by this team is further devalued the Europa League.
Theyve won 3 on the bounce and failed in the process to get out the group stage of the CL and then failed against a relegation team after having a 2 goal lead.


I came here to make this joke, but I was too late. :disappointed:


This feels all a bit déjà vu. Last year we spent the whole season convinced Leicester would drop away. “Oh they’ll be 8th by Christmas” “They’ll be out of top 4 by Feb” “Oh, well they will get top 4 but won’t win the league.” “Oh crap”.

This season: “No way are Leicester getting out of their group.” Then, “they’ll get smashed by Sevilla” followed by “oh, well they won’t get through the quarter finals…” Hmmm, just imagine the scenes if they go all the way! :dizzy_face: