The Champions League Thread


Vardy is on the same level as Busquets, Suarez and Costa for me, and I’m not talking football ability :expressionless:


Honestly Nasri should be banned from the training ground and sold for that level of stupidity.


[quote=“PPB, post:1370, topic:143, full:true”]
Honestly Nasri should be banned from the training ground and sold for that level of stupidity.
[/quote]Too much time spent getting replenished by those drip ‘Doctors’. :campbell:


Vardy ahahah! Tosser, cunt, shit, wanker!!!


Fucking missing link this guy.


Lol Vardy triggers GFI so bad :joy: but, lol what doesn’t trigger GFI?




FFS Correa, been such a piece of shit in this tie.


Pff Sevilla have been awful today


Well done to Leicester, but this fairytale story really doesn’t feel right without Raneri. He was meant to be part of this journey but all that’s tainted now.

@Luca_from_Italy right now


They’ll get completely dicked by basically anyone in the quarter finals.




That’s the hope, but we all know they’re going to win it. The day before Wenger extends his contract :sunglasses:


Leicester just did something that we could not do in the last 8 years.

Shame on us.


I hope they get Barca and Vardy gets his fellow rat cunt Suarez sent off. Simpson elbows Rakitic in the face mistaking him for one of his girlfriends. Wes Morgan totally flattens Messi when clean through on goal and avoids all punishment. Fuck Uefalona


bah, using shit like this as a stick to beat Wenger with is really boring. Kinda like when people were using the PSG result when PSG really weren’t good in the first leg. We haven’t drawn a team of Sevilla’s level in a long time. And haven’t been as lucky as Leicester were over two legs either. There’s no need to bring Wenger into dumb shit like this tie.


Fuck Leicester as well. I do really feel sorry for Ranieri.


Leicester-Real Madrid in the quarters. It’s just too obvious :joy:


Eh Monaco in 14/15 were nothing special


I am supporting Real for once, lol. I think i have not hated a team more than Leicester since United under Fergie.