The Champions League Thread


So two years ago, who knew LC would finish above us in Prem league table and then the next year progress further than us in the CL lol… not done yet, but they got the goal they needed… will be very exciting second half.


Don’t really care tbh.

Would just be funny to see Leicester in the last 8 of the CL. :wink:


Nahhh, if they get through they’re going to get smashed 10-2 by Madrid, thanks to 4 Ramos headers and 2 Ramos defensive errors, and 6 other Madrid goals coming from assorted crosses/penalties.

ehh, would be funny kinda like Robbie Savage is ‘funny’.


Imagine the scenes if the Foxes manage to do what Wenger hasn’t since 2010 and make a CL quarter final :eyes:


Mariano on :wink:
Some desperate defending by Leicester here.
CHRIST! WHAT A HIT! Unlucky not to score!
Lucky cunts. They are gonna do it. 2-0.


No way. Don’t tell me they’re going further than we have in so many years haha.


They are bastards.


Hahahahaha yes.


Fuck sake Sevilla. Pretty poor performance from them so far. Need that away goal.


Yep looks that way, although Sevilla just need a goal to put it in the balance.


This is the new Chelsea. Fucking hell!


Vardy is such a diver, how many times is that now? The man’s truly pathetic


Not sure whether to laugh or cry at the thought of Leicester in the last 8. How? Just how? They are a weird kind of football team.


Title and QFs. Come on the Foxes!! :joy:


Slimani on for Okazaki.




Almost 3-0.


Fair fucks to them


Looks like Shakespeare is writing his first absurdist comedy here.



Vardy provokes, Nasri gest sent off.