The Champions League Thread


You can buy Arsenal, then :wink:


And weve got the away goal…Change the colour of the ball to the summer colour and. Wallop!!


City-Monaco is gonna be amazing, probably the best tie in this round.


I for one am looking forward to a brawl between Simeone, Burgos and Schmidt.



Interesting breakdown of how Monaco does things.


Interesting to see how Pep’s team work out in the Champions League.

Oblak back on the bench for Atletico.


Aránguiz?! :rage:


City Monaco promises so much. Bet it’s 0-0.


:joy::joy::joy: wtf is this


Brandt <3


The Etihad Stadium is half empty. WTF!? Meanwhile, chance for Sterling.
Gilk so rusty and shaky. Deserved booking.


Mbappe with a good run there.


Mbappe is playing as striker, with Lemar as LW.
Sane looks up for it. He is finally stepping up.


Bernardo :heart_eyes:


Bernardo Silva with a beautiful through ball to Falcao. Otamendi recovers in time.
1-0 Saul.
Mbappe toying with City’s defence :giroud2:
Sane is the only City players playing well atm.
Aguero just misses a sitter.
Saul’s goal :cech:

2-0 Griezmann. Neverkusen going full Arsenal here. @CunningLinguist and @A.F


Damn 2-0 Atleti already bye Leverkusen


I have to thank bayer leverkusen. They show it could always be worse.

Also, Leroy Sane :campbell:


Sterling scores, but it’s all about Sane. Offside though.


That was some brilliant play by Sane.