The Champions League Thread


Fucking Messi injuring the best player on the field like that. Honestly fuck him such a little cunt. Verratti embarrassed you and you can’t just be man enough to accept he played better nah you gotta foul him.

If he (verratti) is not in the second leg I hope Messi gets his leg broken in la liga. Cretin.


But less of a whiny little wanker. Xavi complained more than me and was less honourable football-philosophy wise than you.


Should be Sampaoli, imo. They need someone with the balls.


So Barcelona channeled their inner Arsenal and Auba Channeled his inner Giroud in the Round of 16 1st leg.


lol, let the hate flow through you, bud. :darthvaderemoji:

Honestly, I think the praise for PSG is a bit over the top. Particularly for people like Rabiot–not that precise with his passing and a few crosses that really should’ve been goals–and Matuidi and Cavani who were wasteful. Verratti definitely deserves the praise as does the fantastic Di María and Kimpembe looks a hell of a talent.

But honestly Barça was just shocking. Defensively and tactically that has to be one of the worse displays I can ever remember, and that comes from a fucking Arsenal fan. Honestly, just shocking the spaces they left at the back and in midfield, I honestly don’t think PSG were that great and an even better side could’ve scored 7-8 yesterday, I honestly couldn’t believe what I was watching with how much space there was and how simple it was to break down Barça and in short how shambolic they were.


Glad you are being honest.


:joy: I laughed. Good one, Curt. :thumbsup:


Just watched the highlights on BT, remarkable to see Barca to fail to turn up like that, PSG look full value from what I’ve seen.

Still, I think Barca will still go through, probably with a bit of help from UEFA’s dodgy officials. They won’t want to see all that money and those viewing numbers that come with Barca disappear this early in the competition.



Even with a couple of dodgy decisions in their favour, that’ll be a bit of a stretch.


We nearly did it against Milan a few years ago. They’ve got enough to make a fight out of it. At the very least its not over.

@JakeyBoy, as you seem to be the resident punter these days, what price would you take Barca to qualify?


Napoli are winning this tie imo.


Napoli have more spanish players than Real :arteta:


Insigne and Casmeiro both scored stunning goals tonight. Someone get vids naow.


Napoli played quite well, but Real showed more experience.




“Wen ich wirklich sehr mag, ist Toni Kroos. Als ich ans Ende meiner Karriere kam, habe ich ihn genau beobachtet und auch versucht, so zu spielen wie Kroos”, gesteht Scholes, der selbst zweimal die Champions League gewann und an je zwei Welt- und Europameisterschaften teilgenommen hat. “Ich war vorher eher ein torgefährlicher Mittelfeldspieler, aber Toni ist der beste Spiellenker auf der Welt. Kroos wäre perfekt neben Pogba und Ander Herrera bei United.”


rough translation for the rest:

“Someone I really like is Toni Kroos. When I approached the end of my career I was observing him closely and trying to play like Kroos” Scholes admits, who himself won the CL twice and participated in two World and European cups. “I was a rather goal dangerous midfield player before, but Toni is the best game controller in the world. Kroos would be perfect alongside Pogba and Herrera at United.”


Sky are giving 8/1 for Barca to qualify
50/1 to win it…


With no away goal its nigh on impossible mate. Cant see PSG conceding 4 or 5 before full time without scoring.


We’re 100/1 if anyone fancies it… :arteta: