The Champions League Thread


So the the question begs, why didn’t PDG destroy us? In fact they had to have an amazingly lucky goal to save a draw with us at the emirates. I think we can do well in this competition this season.


That’s hardly how football works though pal. We were outplayed in both games as well.


You clearly didn’t watch those games





Quality choreo


Leading up until the match Gomes had the audacity to say he’s a mix of Iniesta and Rakitic


Was tonight an exception rather than the rule? Really looking forward to the return fixture.

Great to see a team as talented barca come up against this challenge. Could be history in the making here chaps.

Or maybe Barca get the D. Either way im equally happy.


As long as you mean by doing well getting to the second round, I’d agree


Just saw the highlights. Cotdamn PSG took Barca’s lunch money :coq:


PSG were clearly the much better team, and they looked really really good. They could go very far of they can keep the same intensity.

Mcnanaman went a bit far suggesting this is ‘an end of an era’. It’s just bad management and a very bad performance from the players. Put Sampaoli, or even Emery, in charge of the Barça squad and things will be back to normal.


Tbf PSG should have comfortably best us home and away. Somehow they kept missing the goal lol


What’s wrong with Luis Enrique?

It’s kinda bizarre that a coach who has now won everything at Barca, is described as “terrible”. If a treble winning coach is that bad, then I’d love to know who the few good ones are out there.


Serious question? What isn’t wrong with him?

I’m not giving him a great deal of credit for that considering he has Messi, Suarez and Neymar AKA the best forward line in world football and playing some of the best stuff in recent years as well.

His time at Roma is what encapsulates him as a manager, he’s just not very good in comparison to the best.


Looking at the scoreline is immensely satisfying. Definitely watch the game! :grin:


Lol, not so much. They played great and couldn’t finish their chances. How many times have Arsenal done that in the past? And what did we get for that? Jack shit, so PSG get no credit. I’d love to face them again, they aren’t that good.


You answered your question yourself

and on the matter of how well we can do. it will entirely depend on how much the team wants it and how well the team’s set-up to achieve it. Playing like we did against PSG will almost guarantee an early exit tomorrow though.


Hah, but you kinda glossed over the point I was making.


Real Madrid wont win the CL this year.

It will be Bayern or something.


Hah, you know. Now’s the point I’ll convincingly say that I’m not really interested in the topic and then stop responding to you :stuck_out_tongue:

jk… I know what you mean but I still think it’s a bit of a stretch going from rather unconvincing performances to why can’t we do that well in the competition or even beat them.