The Champions League Thread


Verratti is so good it’s unbelievable. He is everything we wished Wilshere would have been and then some.


I mean its more than likely that RM or another TOP team will win it now that Barca is out, i am sure it will be Bayern or RM…i mean its not a money maker having the ‘dregs’ like Arsenal and Dortmund etc to win it.


Why not?


Has Neymar just told the referee to fuck off?


Reminiscent of Xavi.


It’s official - we’re better than Barca.


Draxler, Verratti and Rabiot were all outstanding. They literally destroyed Barca with their trickery.


Benfica 1-0 BvB. Ugh.


So you played an Arsenal-esque game? :hipster:


They could not have asked for more opportunities to score and then they go and concede a crappy goal like they did. :joy:

Maybe I should stop watching and they’ll improve again. :wink:


Just seen the result, wow :cech:

Makes a bloody refreshing change to see Barca destroyed, and looking very likely not to progress. So unusual that they look to be out at just the last 16 only!


Jesus Christ, you really are the ultimate curse - every team you root for goes to shit. Could you pls support all English teams - except Arsenal - Barcelona and Real? :per:


I watched the second half, Barce were utterly shit. They are an old team as a unit and look like collectively they’ve lost a couple of steps. Iniesta 32, Messi 29, Suarez 30, Pique 30, Busquets 28, Turan 30, Mascherano 32. And Rakitic is off. Old squad, maybe this is the end for them.


:mustafi: Remember his beloved Leipzig? Two defeats in a row :coq:


I remember saying this at least two years ago. Been at work so haven’t watched the game. Since I hate all things barcellona and cheating is this game worth a watch?


One of the best squad performances I ever seen in my life. PSG have been outstanding tonight. Thanks to their FANTASTIC organization (Unai Emery), they humiliated the fucking Barça.

PSG have won the game with the intensity, with the aggressivity to recover the ball on to go on attack with the minor number of passes good enough for a rapid transiction from the defense to attack.

Meunier and Kurzawa have won all the duels and helped the midfield with the ball possession, Marcos and Presnel have closed the space and have attentioned Luis Suarez, impeding him to play with the face in front of the net, but marking him behind his back. Verratti has been the maestro of midfield, a class performance based on the research of the spaces, ball possession, first touches, passes, long passes, vision, decisiong making, dribbling, recover the ball with tackles or intercepting her.

Matuidi and Rabiot have been the lungs of the team. They were everywhere, on defense and on attack. Two rocks with two simply guides: destroy the game and counterattack.

No words for the talent of Draxler, the immensity of Angèl Di Maria and for the typical garra charrua which helped Edinson Cavani to become one of the best strikers in the World.

I’m very happy for them because I love football and tonight they have sent me on fire.


Barca fan tv gonna be lit


To be a team that beats Barca 4-0 and you can say they deserved even more…damn. Thiago Silva didn’t even play, organisation was on point.

Pressed them off the park and managed to keep up the intensity for the whole match, Verratti , Draxler, Di Maria and Rabiot were the standouts and to think both Rabiot and Draxler could be playing here :xhaka:

Enrique is terrible and only in he job because of M.S.N, wonder who the next manager will be.


Incredible football from PSG tonight. Never afraid to play from back to front, combination play excellent, worked every bit of midfield space to perfection and the individual skill shown by Di Maria in particular was world class. Barca were also pretty disorganised.