The Champions League Thread


Hahahahaha fuck you Barca.


Wow, and Messi…before the 4th goal he had a relatively simple through ball to Neymar with loads of space to play him in and he overhit it…He creates the chance escaping his defender with his typical close control but if you’re going to be as absent as he has tonight you should at least be as definitive and precise with the pass as usual…

3-1 and honestly could’ve seen Barça overturning it at Camp Nou. Instead it’s 4-0 and it’s over. See ya Barça, see ya Luis Enrique.


It’s like watchting our game against them. But in this case they are not missing their opportunities.


For as good as PSG have looked, Barça have been shambolic.

Mundo Deportivo and sport will be fantastic to read tomorrow :joy: Enrique will be gone by May, need to ship out a few players, probably most of the new signings tbh.


Bayern Munich are now favourites to win the CL. Yeah, we’ll see… :ozil2:


Ah! I love the taste of Catalan tears.


I sense another shit Madrid CL without really doing anything that well. :confused:


Barça are going to need a ‘Remontada’ of epic proportions.


With fucking Zidane being hailed for putting fucking Clownemiro in midfield.


I was actually just thinking this ha. Another shit Real Madrid champions league final awaits :neutral_face:


And they say that football isnt fixed :facepalm:

This is why we will never win the CL no matter how hard we try because it is just not fashionable for a team like Arsenal to win it!


First team to retain it isn’t that great Barca side, but this Real one? :gunnersaurus:


:joy: off the post


Barca hit the post.


This keeper for Benfica is having a stormer.


Always better to have the Home leg first


Ancelotti also has the reputation of CL-manager.

This could be the first year of an ‘outsider’ to win though since 11/12. Although Juventus and PSG should also be considered favourites.



How do you fix a game to finish 4-0 like this against Uefalona themselves and why would it be unfashionable for us to win?


Yeah they’d be my pick now too. Surprised they aren’t the favourites tbh. Guess they will be once we batter Bayern tomorrow :arteta:

What about Juventus? They might be worth a shout too.


Great display from Rabiot, quality performance.